Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4th September, It's good to be back~! I miss you all

Hi Blogger! Soooo I'm back! after a longg time. Been quite sometime since I have blogged.. Not very sure how to start this up. haha well here goes! :)

Anyway firstly, I wanna apologize to my blog, my readers, and myself. I'm sorry to my dear blog for being left unattended for so long, it's rather irresponsible of me :x and also my readers which some of you asked me "Why didn't I blog anymore?" Thanks for asking it really sort of motivated me to blog again, I'm glad that YOU have enjoyed reading my blog, and lastly myself, I told myself that blogging is something I enjoy doing, a hobby, an entertainment in a way, a sharing place with my friends, I love blogging, but fighting my own laziness can be quite hard LOL XD.

And here it is, Sooooo here it is~

Top(Left to Right) : Andrew, Joe
Bottom : Ivan

Top(Left To Right) : Pradeep and Julienne

Bottom(Left To Right) : Me and Nancy

One of my achievements this year, was to successfully launch Youth Favourite 2014 - BloodTies with these group of awesome friends of mine. We met each other in the Youth Donor Club(YDC) camp which I believed I have mentioned in my previous posts, and the 7 of us worked together to carry the task on making this Blood Drive a successful one.


Successfully, YF 2014 was launched on the 12th and 13th of July @ *Scape and we managed to collected 177 Units of Blood, which equivalent to 531 lives saved.

Golden Rule : 1 Packet(Unit) Of Blood Saves 3 Lives.

Credits also to Cheng Hong and Min Hui who guided us along the way. :)

I'm glad and thankful to be one of the organizer of this event, and also sorry to have not done much for it. So thank you guys! I know this is kinda late to be mentioned, but well I have kept these photos just to wait for this day! I have to admit that being in Year 3 I have really kinda make me a little bit tight scheduled, perhaps it was just my poor time management but then again~ studies do come first.

and welllll move on~

Soooo this is me, trying to survive to the last couple days of my exam. I didn't slept the previous night but somehow my body was having this extremely strong adrenaline rush that I was really amazed by myself.

I was far to awake to tell myself that I am sleepy and well I did stay awake through out. I took the "Take-5" just to be in cased that I would fell asleep or something during the papers. It worked like a charm haha.

Perhaps it's my mind that told me I should believe in Take-5 would keep me awake or it really worked like charm, either it's fine because my exam did ended up well.

AND, That is all that matters~ :)

I'm still glad that it's over, though I love the moments and thankful to my body for generating the adrenaline rush and put me awake through the days. Because after the end of exams I didn't sleep in total of 48 hours LOL. I couldn't sleep I have to admit that. Oh welll it's over~!

So I have finished all the studies I need to attend in my Polytechnic~!
No More Homework/Tutorials
No More Online Tutorials
No More Practical Labs
No More Lab TEST
No More TEST(b*tch)
No More EXAM(Killer)
and goes on...
Does this mean that I have graduated...?

Well sad to say.. the answer is a NO.

Due to the decision I've made last year, which is to choose Internship instead of Final Year Project(FYP)..

Moving on after my six months of torturing in studies, I'm going for INTERNSHIP.

Partly to say is that I kinda regretted to have chosen the Internship path. As Internship requires 6 months which is equivalent to one whole semester. The modules that uses 2 semester to be finished are combined into 1 semester.

I basically struggled through my year 3.1, I admit during the whole semester, there is not a day which I don't hope that the semester will end SOON. It was really torturing because there are too many things for me to handle.

I find it hard to manage, so to all my juniors who are reading this, I will suggest you to choose it wisely the path that you would like to go.

I personally prefer Internship as I don't really enjoy project works, but for my grades sake if I could reverse the clock, I would have probably chosen FYP.

But then again I have yet to experience the life of an Intern, so I won't jump to conclusion that I have made the wrong decision. I'll give you guys a good feedback after my 6 months of Internship or perhaps earlier. :)

Well still the same advice, Choose the path that you believe is the best for you! Choose it wisely~ :)

My Internship is starting next week! On the 8th of September.. I have to say that I'm not quite excited for it, because I don't really know what to expect for it, feeling rather neutral, perhaps a little bit of sparkles?

I mean most of my friends did enjoy their Internship so I supposed it would not be so bad. So yeah "Hoping For The Best" that is all I can tell myself now.

And well after the end of my exam, while waiting for my Internship to start... I had a competition in between~

It was National Taekwondo Kyurogi (Sparing) Tournament, which sad to say that I did not really do very well for it.

Happened to see Mr. Zheng Ge Ping and Mrs. Hong Hui Fang (Singapore actor and actress)
at the competition area.

Pleasure of meeting them in person! been watching them on TV since my childhood :)

From Left to Right : Me, Crystal, Lynn, Jiahui, Ian.

Congratulation to all the medalist~! :)

From Left To Right : Lynn, Zi Tong, William, Me, Crystal, Jiahui, Ian

As you can see in this pictures.(Yea, I censored a bit XD)

The number 3s are empty only 1 and 2 are occupied.

The stories goes like this, there are only 2 people that joined in my weight category and soo basically my opponent and I we were fighting for the 1st. And well I LOST~

Originally there were 3 people in my weight category, and I was lucky enough to have only 1 round to fight which made me DEFAULT Silver Medalist, Sad to say I didn't do my best for it and I lost..

I believed in my previous posts I mentioned that I got Gold for the previous competition? Well yea, I admit after that competition I became very complacent, because it was my first competition and I did rather well for it and I suppose the fact that it was my first and I did well.. It boasted my ego..

I remember telling myself to be humble and also to continue and train extra hard so that I can maintain that result.
And also how much my friends been telling me that my previous competition was won by PURE Luck.

I guess, I forgot about all those and ended up being complacent about the competition, it is true that I didn't train as much as I did for the previous competition, and how I was feeling way to confident as I stepped into the ring.

It made me thought a little, if say there were more competitors in my weight category.. And I performed the same, then I will not have received that Silver medal. To be honest, I don't feel so deserved of it.

Well~ definitely I have some mindset that I need to change~

This loss.. I deserved it, I hope I will learn more from this lost and perhaps be better as a person.

NEVER GET TOO COMPLACENT~ Well definitely it does not only work on Taekwondo, but other stuff too~ I admit I did realized a little bit more than just this. Perhaps there will be more to be discovered.

And now that all of them are over~ I will just be waiting for my Internship to start! :)

so Dear Readers,

I know I never did this before, but I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime..

Well I'm just wondering~

What are your reviews upon reading this post of mine? a same experience? an advice for me? well anything! haha XD

Just leave me a comment~!

So yea thanks for taking out some of your time and read this post! XD I hope you have perhaps in any way learn a couple of things or two~ :)

Well Enjoy your day!

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