Saturday, November 23, 2013

23rd November. Hello blogger~

SOOOOOO yeahh these days have been full of events~  I'm not really a person who can express things in words so yea i think my reader you all may understand me better if i show you with pictures and captions haha. Starting by todayyy~.

sooo yea today is mom's birthday to be honest I nearly forgot that it's her birthday today, till I saw the dates and I remember.. anddd shitttt. she sounds kinda not in the mood but I guess it's cause my niece, Alice is feeling unwell. I hope she get well soon~ this is the 4th year that I'm not by her side in her birthday.. though she doesn't mind it. saying that birthdays aren't important days whatsoever but still I believe it will happier for her if we did celebrate for her. oh well my parents aren't all that enthusiastic when it comes to occasion like birthday. they say "it's just another day" well i don't think so it's a day they should really be happy entirely it's an annual thing it has to be happy for them!!

 祝你每一天都是快乐的一天! :)

In the future, no more I will celebrate with them in their future, I wanna ensure that they are happy and yes they have to be happy :)

and that's what happen today,  nothing else as I spend my entire day. SLEEPING oh well haha it had been a busy week for me the past few days. and These are what happened yesterday! 

Meet Grace and Shuhui, my bitches, since secondary school. they are my first few friends that I made in secondary school. Started at Sec 3 so yea haha hard to blend in. anywayyy yesterday was Grace's CCA performance, Chinese Drama and we went to watch it! :)

Hi Grace! Last year your performance were great, you were an actress, too bad you didn't perform this year cause me and shuhui was really expecting to show up when we're watching. anyway knowing you're stage director, we're really proud of you cause the play was indeed magnificent :) next year, hope to see your perform do your best bitch! XD 
Before we went for Grace's performance. We went to watch this movie. Several of my friends constantly telling me it's a nice movie, saying that it's a simple movie but the story line was good, and indeed it was. it was a rather complicated and unexpected I have to say... Well I will suggest you all to watch it, though you all may be surprised or even find it "WTH" but still it is an interesting movie so yea WATCH IT.  

Meet my bitch/slut/etc. or should I say My Ranko, haha.

This girl, Shuhui is my friend since secondary school, My first close friend in Singapore! When we first knew each, tbh I heard a lot of bad things about her, regarding how she's an emo girl blah blah blah whatever whatever, and yea I used to dislike her. but then~ when I started to know her. yes some of things that other said was true, she WAS an emo girl but not entirely true! I was an emo boy myself that time HAHA but one thing about her is her "Acceptance" towards people.
We tend to judge people due to something about them and this "Acceptance" is destroyed.

But for her? She's great. I'm not all the times a good boy, in fact I have this straight forward bad attitude haha butttt she didn't mind in fact she took in all my judgement LOL, well of course she do judge me all the time so yeah haha it's okay i guess. Well we knew each other shitty past and how when we talked about it haha it always goes for hours. We had fun/sad/bad/crazy/weird/bitchy times together. Definitely this girl is 1 person that I am SO DAMN GLAD that I have known her. she's one of the reason for who I am today, we walked out of the emo past together and yea things are better for us. For each of our belief we stand strong and continue to SMILE :) cause tomorrow will be better.
Thanks for being in my life Madelane Chee Shu Hui. You're the best and I am too XD  LOVE YOU! <3
So yea that is all for today. Anyway if I feel like blogging tmr, I will tell you all about my marathon haha yeap! As you can see I have my Ultimate Step Training tomorrow! HAHA okay i meant vertical marathon well that's what I call it along with some of my Taekwondo friends who also got joined. Well Good night then!! :)

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