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5th October, Living my life to the fullest~

Hi blogger and readers!

So if you have read my previous posts "Path~" and "Moving On~"(Do click the link if you haven't) this is it's continuation~ :)

in the previous post I mentioned that I'm on this discovery journey and I am still~

What happened yesterday, well it happened so I have to move on~
and how is it going to be tomorrow? I don't know. It's a mystery...

So I have TODAY, and all I can say is I should live today to the fullest, by doing things that I am keen to do~
And so I would like to present to you guys!

After finished taking the videos on the 30th September, I started right away on the editing of this video. and yea I still have my Intenship during the day, so I only get to edit the video during night time.

I spent 3 days of this week sleeping at 3AM to edit this video...

It was really tiring~ because I have to leave my house at like 7.30AM the next day so that I won't be late for work.

So I literally only get to sleep like 3 to 4 hour a day.

Not really trying to ask for pity.. okay maybe a litte? HAHAHA I just hope you guys would enjoy it.

I certainly did enjoy it, well as I was editing the videos, new ideas keep popping out of my head and even during working.
I told myself that I AM WORKING, So I should focus on MY WORK..?

But I simply can't stop thinking about my videos haha. I DID FINISH MY WORKS THOUGH!

During my free time in work, I tend to came out with new ideas, things like

-Improving my current videos?
-Ideas for the NEXT videos?
-How to make my videos more interesting?

Things like these and yea~ I actually have the ideas already. My work place is quite a good thinking spot.
I would like to hear how you guys think of my current YouTube Videos I hope to hear some comments haha and I have new ideas of my next videos already so I will try to work on it! :)

If you enjoy it hope to hear some "I'll stay tune" from you guys :P

I remember when I started blogging and start to become rather active on it, I started saying
"I am a blogger"

It sounds sort of boasting, but I was really proud of it, because I wanted to do it a long time ago. Same goes for being a "YouTuber"

I wanted to start my very own YouTube channel and blog for a really long time already but there are always things that stop that thought...

I always feel that I'm not ready for this.

Well it's kinda like I have to step out my comfort zone thing and I always feel "NOT READY"
"I'm scared how people will look at me"

I kinda scared how it will turn out to be, sort of like "what if I failed?"

So I decided to throw away the ideas of being a blogger or Youtuber..

Which, now it makes me think "Why did I?"

I kinda regretted not starting them a little bit more earlier because I have to say I have not been very true to myself.?

I mean, I'm enjoying what I'm doing now.

blogging and YouTube-ing is FUN, though it may feel uncomfortable like 

Thinking how some people may think of me? LOL but.. I guess I don't really wanna care now~ so "f*ck it~ I'm just gonna do it :)"


Each time I came out with new ideas of a next video I will be like~

Yea~ basically I really enjoy and LOVE IT

Whenever new ideas came into my head.

My best friend ranko, would hear my excitement and she'll be like "Chill dude, we'll do it soon"

Yea things like that happened, SO YEA. I don't know how it may turned out to be but I hope you guys would enjoy my videos~

I'm still new at this so, if it's not that good, do bear with me :P 
I will do my best to improve on it. and perhaps you guys can gimme some comments!! :)
I know doing things like "blogging" or "Youtubing"(Is that consider a word?)

MAY NOT benefit me in the future? well who knows right? It MAY benefit me? LOL I hope

But at least I can tell myself that I'm happy~ and living my life to the fullest! :)

Because I'm doing what I LIKE and WANT to do. 


Yea I can proudly tell myself that, because I stood out of my own comfort zone

And I'm F*cking doing it now! So yea

Let's hope things goes along WELL XD
~ It shall be fun~ :P

This is one of the few things that inspire me~

And I hope one day I can do the same as this guy :)

Well of course I won't know whether I could but I'll try for it! XD

We all should live our life doing whatever we enjoy doing, we only live ONCE

So why waste this life not living the way we wanted it. Well I believe there's no such thing as "WASTING YOUR LIFE"

Whatever we are doing, be it studying? working? resting? dating? or whatsoever we are doing it for a purpose.

We all do it for a REASON so what I would like you to know is to live YOUR DREAM just live the way you want it to be~ do whatever you like and just DO IT.

Some people may tell you things like
"Oh it's a waste of time" 
"You need to get a life"
"It's stupid, why are you even doing it?"
"Erm... Are you that free?"
"Look, it's not worth it.."

You're probably thinking "nahh people aren't so mean" well i'm here to tell you THERE ARE SUCH PEOPLE, and I met them~ so yea

I don't want to one day grow old feeling regret..

I want to have the experience of doing what I really want to do~

I'm glad I'm doing it now~

I may have new passion along my life and I promised myself I will do it~ :)

one of my biggest dream now that I wanna achieve one day in the future is
~*I wanna travel and see the world*~

This shall be the biggest project in my life definitely in my bucket list #BucketList

and of course then make a good journal out of that trip and then share it with everyone~ MY BIGGEST DREAM~

And for this I thank you all for reading this long post. Thank you for reading all the way till here

I hope you will continue to read my blog, I'll see you in my next post! :)

and always remember to

~*Live Your Live To The Fullest*~

Thank you!:)

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