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15th July, Before and After

Hi Bloggers and Readers!

Hey there I am back~! I hope you are doing fine #WhoeverYouAre #ForeverAloneMuch? #JustMeBeingMe

ANYWAY! Kinda have a little too much time now, despite the fact that I have joined workforce...

Yeah I mentioned in my Previous Post that I am now in WORK FORCE!!

#JustABoyLife >> Next Chapter WORKING!

Okay perhaps exaggerated a little? Hehe. Well my point is that, when I see people.. My friends basically the ones who graduated earlier than me of course~ Sure not all of them joined the workforce~ 

In Singapore, the guys my age are going through their 2 years National Service (Most of them just got in like about this period now) the girls on the other hand would be moving on to studies, pretty common, As for me since I am not local and neither am I smart enough to get into the local university, I joined the workforce~ yea work work earn cash. #Actually I'm gonna take Gap year(University can come later)

Continue, those who joined workforce earlier than me always seem busy. You call them to hang out and they'll be like "OH I'M SORRY I GOT TO LOTS OF THING IN MY HAND", or things like~ "SORRY BRO, I'M WORKING OVERTIME" yeah stuff like that. I find myself being rather free as I am now LOL

Technically, I DO have more time to spare because I am still on my OJT(On Job Training) and tomorrow is the last day of it and the week after is RJT(Real Job Thing), either being in the workforce now definitely do makes me feel more relax over myself(Perhaps because I haven't started with the Real Job thing) I do find myself have time to just think about lots of things like what I would like to do and accomplish~!

Yes, working out or exercise and perspire.

Since I have A LOT more free time now it would be good to try and exercise more, because 90% of the people who joined the workforce become FAT, like literally and when you ask them why..? they'll say "Oh I have no time to exercise/visit the gym" It's a LIE~ #ItsPureLaziness

I am lucky enough to have a gym just inside my company so I ought to make good use of it and really just maintain myself~ stay healthy and just keep fit.

And the reason I said "Try" is because I know how fucking lazy I AM~ so I hope I will continue to exercise/visit the gym. (I go back to school for Taekwondo every week so let's not be lazy) 

Btw Disclaimer, I just made up the statistic about people get fat after joining workforce. However it's TRUE most people do get fat, and personally I really wanna be in that 10% league, as most of my guy friend are serving their National Service. I certainly do not want them asking me 2 years later what happened to me..(Why are you so big size?) #HurtMuch

It really bothers me a lot, like when I'm in a clothing store and I saw a shirt that I really like, I know I will fit in it no problem~ and when I am inside the fitting room and I removed my shirt.

I don't know if this is familiar to any of you? however FUCK THIS LAYER of fats? I HATE IT LOL okay it is my fault I ate too much.

I call this layer the "Hidden Fats" because you know when you have your shirts on, they are unseen and some of your friends who are not aware of your weight would say "You look skinny!" and we'll be like "YOU DON'T KNOW.." and yea whenever I was about to try out and I saw this fats I will be like

"What the fk.. Yoga you're so fats" yea I would curse myself for it LOL

I hope by end of this year, if my laziness does not win myself I will get myself a good a nice, well and firm 6 pack abs. BY THE END OF 2015! I WILL HAVE MY ABS. #ThisYearResolution

Well talk about myself~

My company organised a regular weekly YOGA class and I have decided to join it.

It's funny in a sense because people call me "Yoga" and I am joining a YOGA class, however it's an irony as well if I can do this exercise that has the same name as me!

"Your name is Yoga? You mean that Yoga *making the YOGA pose*? Do you do YOGA?" trust me you bitches I get this like every single time when I introduce myself or being introduced. Of course I did NOT join this class because it's about my name~ I joined because I read this article that is about YOGA is really beneficial for runners

I don't run a lot however I enjoy running, joining marathon and stuff basically like cardio stuff yeah I like that stuff plus YOGA helps  improve flexibility which would aid Taekwondo and also it serves as a form of de-stress~ hey lots of benefits so why not join right?

5 reason why Runner should take of YOGA this is the article that I mentioned and I find it makes perfect sense so yea~ YOGA class here I come! XD

AND! Okay, talking about all these really make me feel the difference between student life and working adult life, and I have to say I really miss the fun time I have in school sometime however the life I am having now is quite fine as well(Let's see about it after a few months) 

Basically, life as I am now, I am living it the way I sort of want it, it's not the perfect life that I desire YET, this is far from what I desire, however it's baby step already. There are bunch of things I wanna accomplish and all these well they are just minor things, still in my 20s So I suppose there are more things to see, in the future. At least for now~ I need not worry about submitting my assignments late(My weekend is really a full-fledged rest day) I declare it and no motherfking bitches can change that #ILoveMyRestDay

What I really wanna deliver to you is that, live this life the way you want it, because if you just follow what others tell you, then you're not really living your life? you're living their life and what that happen I guarantee you~ it SUCK BALLS, and when you're living the way you wants it. Don't ever ever get complacent. not yet, unless you're some billionaire ass with everything settled already like have wife, kids, pet and whatsoever then perhaps you can be complacent.

However best thing is to never get complacent with what we have, STRIVE and be selfish with ourselves in a sense, because there are still SO MANY things out there that you can go for.

I think about things like these quite often everyday and yeah trying and doing new things every now and then when I can. Since I'm single, quite a lot of time to spare(Tho sometime can get a little thirsty HAHA)

Thanks for reading all these~ I hope you all are enjoying yourself

and Remember to always strive for a better tomorrow, if you think today is great, then make it better tomorrow, if you're happy today~ you're happier tomorrow. strive for better! :3

Taylor Swift - Clean (Cover) #1989 Album 

The original one is not yet out on YouTube, however this song SICK Love it so much. It's a really nice song give it a listen maybe? haha #SwiftiesFTW

I found myself to love her songs a lot these days and yea I'm now a TS fan as well haha XD

Sign Off
Satriyoga, Just A Boy Life

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11th July, Thoughts

Hi Bloggers and Readers

Ever since I started writing a physical journal, I pour most of my thought into it. I found myself obsessed over it. (note: I am finishing it already) for some of you who perhaps do not know. I started to have this habit of writing my thought since last year October. Read my post about Maya.

I find it better to have a physical journal, it does not mean I do not love blogging. I do~ I am still that #JustABoy who enjoy writing long essay, about my own typical boy's life. I am learning to improve my own writing skill though, perhaps I can try some short story writing for next time. Okay back to writing~ having a journal is better in a sense because it has a lot more privacy as compared to online journal like blog. (Let's face it, not everyone is daring to be extremely open when it comes to personal thought, after all it's personal)

I do share some thought though, at least that is what I am intending to do now, I do hope some opinion would be given :3 and I strongly recommend on writing a personal journal, it's your personal space to rant and just pour out your thought and think about it when you re-read them.

Sometimes even to your most closest friend, you tend to have things that you feel you can't say, however to your journal you can~ Treat it like a friend and talk to it by writing(kinda wrong?) it would feel really good somehow. I feel so, I don't know about you :)

Anyway let's talk about some life events just a bit of update of how my life has been for the past 5 months I believe.(I am a detail oriented person)

In my last entry, I was still on my six-month Internship, ended on the 7th of February, a few days after my last entry actually and I was really glad when it was over, Really very glad. As soon as that I embarked on the journey on finding my next job.
21st of May 2015 - Graduation Day
Of course before start working you have to graduate first~ I wrote a lot of thought on this already on my Instagram
Go and follow me @Satriyoga LOL.

Graduated~! at the same time I was lucky to find myself my next job! It took me quite sometime, however it was because I started to early on my Job hunt which seems to have taken too long. Anyway all that starts well ends well~

21st June 2015 - One Month After Graduation & Father's Day
I decided to write an entry to my own Journal on that day to commemorate my so called "One Month Anniversary" after Graduation. And again I wrote ANOTHER essay in my Instagram post there, so I won't repeat here LOL
Go and Follow Me @Satriyoga LOL.
Anyway~ Being in the workforce(I like to put it this way, sound better than working life.).
There are things that can really be talk about, quite a lot in fact, I find myself making a lot of writing. well perhaps in my next blog post I would talk more about it.

Hope to hear some good opinions!

Okay what really inspired me to once again come back blogging~(I was really reluctant on making any entries, I have my reasons~)

Thankful to my Juniors, fellow friends in NPTKD for all the awesome memories I had there. Well remember to check out in Instagram LOL there will be a post about it.
They actually talked about my blog to the new batch of people. It gave me a thought of reviving it. So here I am.

I would try to be blog more often, it may require more work than apps like Instagram(Honestly though I feel that sometime Instagram is already like my Blog, for that my blog is like a collage of the pictures.)

Perhaps I should blog about something else? :3


Sunday, February 22, 2015

3rd January, Recap of 2014

Hi Bloggers and Readers, Happy New Year 2015! XD

I know it's a bit late~? haha well I was kinda away from Singapore and got caught up with work(Internship) that I didn't get the chance to do this, and the thought suddenly just hit me, so yea! here is a recap of my #JustABoyLife Story~ :3


Well first of all some basic prologue~ A good story always come with a good prologue! HAHA just my style of doing thing I guess~ XD

2013 ended well and comes with 2014, I remember when 2013 ended I was very enthusiast towards camps and I was telling others that having a camp is THE MOST WONDERFUL thing to do. I still find camps are awesome, however I guess that FIRE/SPIRIT for camp of mine now is not as strong as it was before, probably my mindset is growing old LOL, or maybe it just because working life is sort of draining up my energy? haha

First camp of 2014

In the beginning of the year, I sort of start it off by working together once again with TRYBE - The Youth Organisation. I was one of their logistic where by my job was to ensure the entire camp runs well.  Meet Pamelo my logistic partner :)

It was a tiring, considering the fact that our duties were to keep 300 secondary one students well fed. It was really tiring LOL however overall we did have fun, because the students appreciated us! They're so cute XD #Midgets #LOL

Yong Chee's Birthday~!

And also celebrated my friend's birthday, Yong chee.
Along with my group of friends in YDC, we gave him a good surprise :3.


Meet Cindy Boey, one of my female friends in my Engineering course LOL. #GirlsAreRareInEngineering.

We were tasked to go to town to ask random strangers to do surveys, and then we realized it was our first time to be in town together XD

haha First Selfie with her in town! :) though the intention to be there is wrong, not for fun but for school works LOL

Reunion Dinner 2014 :3

Well I wonder how will this year one's be? :) Last year one was great! Though I still prefer the 2013 one more haha cause my mom cooked the food on that year.

Hope this year I get to taste her home cooked meal again :3.

I Moved House...

Then also moved to my new house~ haha I still miss living in Choa Chu Kang sometimes. Yishun is still great though! XD


and then there was also this TAP project launch by UNICEF that I got myself involved in. A friend of mine introduced me to this project, it was a campaign where by to practice people not to touch their phone for certain amount of time.

When I came to know about this campaign, for every 1 minute that we do not touch our phone, UNICEF will give the needed people the access to clean water for one day!

As for now, the challenge has increased to 10 minutes per day.


Meet Kristal Jaclyn Rose! :)

Haha I believe I mentioned this in one of my POST.

Well basically it's because ever since, the 2 of us know each other this was actually our only outings! I knew her for a year plus and then we had this outing together haha haven't had our second one? Perhaps we should arrange HAHA.

Anyway Kristal, if you're reading this, let's meet up when possible? :D
#IKnowWeAreBothBUSY #However #LetsTry LOL

Oh and she also got attached this year :3 well Congratulations! XD


Sure~ I am BUSY with schools and competition and some other stuff however can't allow myself to forget about her birthday! :)

Haha for her birthday, managed to pull off a one man show and gave her a good surprise! glad she had a good one and NICE CAP ;)

Oh and also ranko! Hope you're happy everyday~ :3 i'm sure your loving boyfriend will be a great companion hehe


 One of my highlight of this year is that I finally reached brown belt for Taekwondo. I have to say it took me long enough!

And this is my first sparing competition for Taekwondo after achieving my brown belt~ :)

Note : You have to be brown/red belt in order to join Sparing competition.

And the result was great! Haha my #VirginFight
and I attained a gold medal for it XD.

It was a tough fight, however I DID IT! XD

and there's School School School..

For 2014, school work is really not my friend, well basically not really on my side. I did a wrong move of choosing to do this school project of mine alone, however it was a success.

Just another highlight that I wanna point out for 2014, haha a lesson learnt for me is to not do things alone when you can't really handle it~

However, certainly some of the lesson time in school did turn out to be quite fun, like I was involved in a module something that I've been rather interested in. TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine).

I've always find TCM interesting, like acupuncture,  the herbs and whatsoever LOL, seen so many of them in TV, that got me kinda excited when I got into the module, however in the end it was not as interesting? Well then again what I am touching on are just simply the MINORITIES of TCM, sooo yea overall was quite fun though :3

That's me with a thousand years old Ginseng~

Home Sweet Home~

Hmm I feel that for now, perhaps 2014 holds the record for highest amount of days I went back to Indonesia, and also highest amount of WEIGHT I gained. LOL

After IVP Competition and celebrating Ranko's birthday, I went back for a good 1 months to Indonesia~ :) #IMissMyMomAlready.

A good rest period and also weight gaining trip. LOL

I remembered very clearly that I went back with the weight of 76.7kg and I when I came back to SG I was 80.2kg.

LOL 4kg in a month, that is why this selfie is half-faced :P

and results were released when I'm back in Indonesia too~

And yeah, this sort of raised up one of the first disappointment I have for 2014, which also the major drop of my results.

I guess not many people know about this? Anyway yeah my results dropped majorly during this time and I was really very disappointed, regret didn't study harder.. well!!!!!! yeah. really really love my mom because she was there~ motivating me and yeah she did said couple of things like she's disappointed and stuff.. however she just cheered me up too..

Thanks mom, I love you~ <3

And when I'm back...

Not long after coming back from Indonesia, well 2 of my YDC Friends( Joe and Ming Rong) invited me for a rock climbing session.

I did fairly badly LOL, well the 3 of us climbed to about the same level as each other, however I feel kinda disappointed andddd I shouldn't have bragged that I can climbed really well LOL.

I remember bragging to them that I can climb really well or so, well my arms gave up HAHA, and the next day my arms sore.

Perhaps we should go again next time!

After a long time~

Meet Ranko(Madelane) and Grace! :)
well the 3 of us knew each other since Secondary school times, Ranko and I often catch up with each other, however Grace~ haha she's often busy with her schools works as well as CCA, hardly got time to meet up with us.

Oh well #LifeOfMediaStudent so we arranged a dinner together and nice catch up with each other haha, let's meet up soon again!

And Grace, Be happy with your bf uh XD

Recruit Recruit Recruit!  NP CCA FIESTA 2014!

New semester! New Freshman, time for new members for NPTKD :3

Slightly better than previous year? Although we only had one day to do performance for our club, and attract the freshman, show them that Taekwondo is WOAH A SUPER AWESOME!

We did quite a good planning haha and the results happened to be quite good, despite only a day we got almost the same amount of people signed up as last year XD.

Previous year we got 3 days, however the plannings were pretty much last mins and we were... yeah kinda rushed.

And time to get busy and FUN! Time for CAMP! 

NPTKD Freshman Orientation Camp(FOC) 2014~!

It was fun having all these freshman~ having fun, laugh, joke and tease and all sort of.

Oh and I was the logistic as well for this camp, it was tiring~? I remember running around a lot to set the stations, oh well overall they enjoyed so it's good :3.

Plus they appreciated me so hehehe

Additionally, I get to scare them HEHEHE

 The  committee decided to make it a little bit more different from the previous years camps, so we decided to have scare fest for this camp HEHEHE~

Yeap we had a "night walk" and I was one of the scare crew XD.

yeap along with these bunch of scary assholes, we managed to scare quite a few of the juniors, quite a success?

It was fun scaring them HEHE, I remember especially one of them actually got scared until she knelt down and another one run away leaving his pair HAHAHA. Good Experience, it was fun XD.

I have Taekwondo in my blood! What's yours?

XD haha yeah, joined Youth Donor Club(YDC) on the previous year and on 2014, I was involved in one of their highlighted events which is also one my biggest highlight of 2014.
Youth Favourite 2014 - Blood Ties.

Why blood ties..?

"We are all different in a sense. We all have different passions and talents that we do well and succeed in, which identify who we are,

However we have all have one common thing that is running through our veins, Blood. For this thing that is running through our veins, we are the same as well in way, Donate your blood, Share your passion, live it with everyone~! You can be hero as well! :)"

Yeah so basically I was involved in this, with some of my friends in YDC! :) working together with HAVAS Singapore, and a few of our local celebrities we shared our passion and promote the importance of blood donation to the rest, as well as doing a SHOUT OUT that we are having a blood donation drive!

The Blood donation drive is:

Youth Favourite 2014 - Blood Ties
@Scape* on the 12 &13 of July 2014~!
Level 5 The Gallery.

Fellow Blogger~! :3

Yea! while we had our photo shooting, I met this wonderful lady! :)

Meet Alene Breddemann! She's a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger. Check out her Blog here!

When I learn that she is a blogger, I decided to approach her, she shared her experiences a blogger to me and she was a really really nice lady! :) 

Thankful for the awesome advises Alene Hope to see you again soon! :)

Youth Favourite Committee 2014

Meet Andrew, Joe and Ivan

Then Pradeep, Julliene, Me and Nancy.

The 7 of us along with our YDC president, Min Hui. We planned for Youth Favourite 2014.

starting from looking for a location to host the blood drive till the day of the blood drive~ XD 

Tough job however it turned out great!

We worked hard~

yeah! making props, cutting papers for advertising, street recruitment~

Also Played hard~

continuing to come out with new ideas because there's always more ideas to tell people the importance of blood donation and doing a shout out regarding our blood donation drive! Like coming out with the idea of this Blood drive Bus XD.

Ft, Julienne XD 

Lots of help~ Thanks!

And our lovely volunteers who helped us  for this entire blood drive. you guys are our assets for this entire events! Without you all, it wouldn't have been a success~

So thank you to all! haha Hope you guys had fun as well during the street recruitment!

Hope you have learn a few things from it too! :)
Very much Thankful for you time with us~! :)

12th & 13th of July 2014

We launched Youth Favorite 2014 - Blood Ties, and it was great success, we received many helps from our volunteers and also many supports from our fellow friends from YDC. :)

Some of my juniors in NPTKD also came down to support this events and 2 of them actually donated their blood! :)

It didn't stop there...

They even took the initiative of making their own trips to Blood Bank and do their own blood donation. haha somehow inspired them to give it a try a be a HERO! XD

I'm so proud of them~ :D

Then.. Back to studies~ FINAL EXAM

I remember feeling very drained up during the study period because there were just too many things to handle~ This is not just my opinion, literally those of us who have chosen the Internship path agreed, and yeah. Tired is no longer just the only thing, it was draining. Well FINAL EXAM THEN NO MORE EXAM for Polytechnic!! ;)

Thankful to this bad boy that accompanied me through out the study period, I needed it a lot haha XD

Meet Take FIVE! XD My energy drink (Actually my friend introduced me so I tried.. I think it works)

Study time, Study break = YouTube Video

I have to say I like to take break a lot while studying and usually I do it by watching~ be it a movie, funny videos or anime. I love watching a lot, :3 I love especially my typical Sunday Movie Night.

 I am pretty sure most of you would have heard of a YouTube Channel called "Wong Fu Production".

I've always been a fan of their videos and work, especially during studying? haha their videos are break time for me :3 then I came across this Web Series. Funemployed.
Which introduced me to this Awesome guy! 

Meet "Kevjumba" A.K.A. Kevin Wu.

This year I find myself become a big fan of this Youtuber LOL. Well he has been away~ almost like missing from his Youtube channel, which kinda disappointing for new fan like me LOL.

Because I actually get to know him when sort stopped posting videos and post anything in his social media. #SadLife.

Why I admire him? Well~! I can't really tell why I idolize him a lot, however I am able to tell quite a number thing about him haha. However, I will admit that it is due to my aspiration of wanna be like him that I started a YouTube channel as well XD (I'll talk about it later~ KEEP READING! HAHA)

After Exam.. Time to SPAR!

National Taekwondo Sparring competition 2014 came right after my exam ended this year, well I have to say I did not train much for it at all haha.

Plus the effect of my weight from Indonesia was still there, I was 79.9kg on the day of the competition when I have to fight the weight category of under 78kg.

It was torturing, however I didn't have much option that I didn't eat for the whole day and did consistent kicking and when it was finally my turn I managed to drop my weight to 77.9kg

Barely made it! HAHA because once I'm over 78kg, I will be disqualified immediately, however well I didn't win the fight, I lost pretty badly as well :x.

and I swear, not to let my weight be an issue anymore. Such last minutes cut down really drain out all my energy to spar, I literally felt weak during the fight.

No win? it's alright~ at least I learned a lesson! :)

And It begins..

I still remember when my internship just started, I was really excited about it. It was my very first full-time job soooo I was really anticipating it.

Guess it was not as what I anticipated it. Well how should I say it.. Intern was just not as good as it was expected to be. I don't really wanna go too much in details. Haha you may see lots and lots of funky language/words used, just know that I didn't really enjoy my Internship I guess?

My class from my final semester of studies
Class P3K1

One of my classmate from my second years in Polytechnic, Khairul

Working life sort of taught me the important of cherishing, I think it works the same for all those of my friends who are working or has worked as well.

As students, although school works and school activities that would drain our times and gives us a busy schedules? Well the good thing is that we have friends like these that are going through those busy schedules with.. That isn't so bad right? In fact it was sort of fun~ Well ignore the school loads~ friends are awesome :3

As a worker/career man, it can be the same hours as school, well unless you have good colleagues if not I guess it's just not so good? well my working places are filled with people who are ten years older than me LOL (I don't know how to make myself a part of them...?) and yea sort of lonely I guess. well thankful for these friends! and many more as well~! Due to our busy schedules now.. I supposed it made us more closer than before~ :3

And heyyy I think I mentioned this on top! haha well due to my idol's influence, Mr. Kevin Wu, AKA Kevjumba. Well I decided to start my very YouTube Channel! haha

I was very much burn up! when I started, and heyy still very much keen. Just that not so daring I guess? I admire those YouTuber that made sacrifices for their channel, people like JeffreyFever and also many more who made sacrifice for their channel. Well sustaining one is NOT EASY. I do not have that guts to do it yet.. so I decided to give it a stop first~

I will come back though I swear. I don't know when I will be sustainable for myself to return YouTube-ing at ease.. Well I know I will come back one day. I WILL!

Started Journaling on 8th October 2014

Still going on till now.

Name of my Journal : Maya

Maya stands for virtual reality.

And then there is my 20th birthday for 2014, where I was lucky enough to my junior Joy Lim who made me that chocolate cake :3 NICE! very nice :3 haha I hope she'll made me another one next year HAHA

and also with my bestie Ranko who stayed till 12AM to say happy birthday to me :3

and also become friend wit this big guy

Meet Mr. Gurmit Singh

Feel really lucky to able to work together with this awesome guy in a my big project that I'm working on now~ :3


yeap that's what he said! HAHA

Last but not least, there is the New Year Eve Holiday with my parents to Batam. said good bye to 2014, and started 2015 with a good vacation at Batam, and actually I just returned not long from there HAHA.

We had sumptuous meal, did snorkeling, see starfish, played with fish, release fireworks, be Swaggers~ :3 haha many more, I know 2015 is going to be a much better year to be.

And I know 2014 didn't ended it a very good way, however doing such recap, made me realized that 2014 was actually not that bad, there were actually a lot of thing to commemorate, to be remembered and to learn from. 2014, Thank you~ 2015 I know you'll be better I am believing in 2015 to be better. I hope for you all it's the same as well~ and yeah hello 2015~!