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1st January, Memories of 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGGER!! HAPPY 2014! XD. let's see I just woke up from a long nap haha. Yesterday I have had my celebration for New Year Eve with my friends. so didn't catch any sleep at all haha. Anyway as the title mentioned. This blog will be all my memories in 2013~! :)

The Ahsam Club!

This is clique of friends that I have made since I joined the Ngee Ann Taekwondo club. We're called the Ahsam club for a reason haha. It happened when there's this occasion when we're supposed to wash the padding(armour) of our club together. and when we washed we all squatted and wash with our hands. Some of them said we look like the "Ahsam".

In older times there are group of people who washed their clothes or etc by the river and they are called the Ahsam HAHAHA and yeap that's where the origin of our group name came from! :)
We train together in this club and still continuing till now! Well only Titus has move on to NS haha.

from LEFT : Weiliang(William), Xian Jun, Zitong, Felicia, Jiahui, Crystal, Me, Ian
Front : Titus

This is taken during the 2012 New Year Eve, oh and the sparks are fireworks stick. Shuhui joined along cause she hasn't made any plan so I ask her to join us! :) Full of laughter and I can still rmb how much I sweated that day due to the laughter we had.

Feel rather inconsiderate though HAHA cause it's midnight at 12+ and we're making so much noises under the HDB block XD.

This was taken in our IVP camp, this camp is meant to prepare us for the upcoming Competition which is the NTU TOC Competition for Taekwondo. It was after our training when we took this whewww shagg haha.
As it was nearing Chinese New Year as well of course cannot forget the 捞鱼生(Lao Yu Sheng) period. Before the Chinese New Year Holiday started we had it together as a whole club. May 2013 be a good start for all of us! XD

And I have to say 2013 had been a good one!
Our only January baby in the Ahsam Club, also the so called "Father" in our clique, TITUS!! HAHA
His birthday was on January and we celebrated it in William's house. This is the birthday card that we made for him. quite sweet right!?? XD

Have to thanks Zitong the most for this!! haha cause she came out with this board design. And the rest of us simply contributed on what we can help on! :)
The sum of Titus's birthday celebration! XD. The theme for his birthday celebration was "Back to Childhood" so we played some childhood games which is Block catching haha. well he lost in the end haha cause I was not caught..? :P haha. Oh well we glad that he had fun. Cause that's what most important uh! XD

Not all of the member is here cause Jiahui and Crystal got something on. I don't quite remember what was it. But we all wrote our wishes for him! on his card!:)

After the camp and celebration, alright here's the NTU TOC Competition! XD
We had couple of our fighter fought for the day when this photo was taken was for Poomsae(Pattern) Competition.

I was Green-Tip during that period still isn't eligible for fighting so I joined the Poomsae Competition. The rest here are the competitors too! 
Me and Zitong, were in the same Belt category so we joined the Pair competition for Poomsae too. And we did quite well! :) haha we won Silver for it XD. And for Individual Competition we each won a Bronze for ourselves.

We trained hard! Though didn't won Gold, we're happy with our results! Cause at least we won!
This is during Jiahui's birthday Celebration which was postponed by 1 months. Her birthday is on the February, but due to the exams that we're supposed to have on Feb and the competition was also on Feb, we're all busy. And her birthday celebration was also delayed.

Well gladly she did had fun and Zitong handmade a cake for her! The cake was.. SWEET haha well it's sweet and touching and the cake itself is also SWEET haha. The photographer was William. so Titus took his IC(it's on my head) and Xian Jun has something on. so Crystal find a photo of him in the her phone(Beside Zitong).

Glad that she had fun too! Anyway we'll make sure not to be late next time HAHA XD
2013, Ngee Ann Polytechnic hits 50 Years old.
The three martial art CCA are asked to performed together! with the help of the Taiko Drummers :) we are the Silat Club, the Wushu Club and us the Taekwondo club! :)

It was a cramming 1 week for all of us here. As we have school things to do and then practice for the performance at the same time, but then. all those was pretty worth while as it break the ice between us 3, the group of martial arts in NP. Knowing more people, plus getting money of $150 HAHA oh well not so bad right? XP 

Not wasting any time at all, our club proceed with our next events which is the FOC camp for out club! Me and my group of friends, we hit year 2 so this camp is for the new people which our Freshman who joined our Club! :)
We're the Lepak Crew Team XD.

Don't mind our hand haha cause we're suppose to paint our flag with our hands. no brush was given haha.
One of the game we played was called the Split bridging game. basically to make a bridge of split and form up to see which team have the longest human split bridge haha. XD

Well my split did improve after joined Taekwondo. but not yet the best! :) there's more to come till the day i can reach 180 degree full split! :)
My outing with MY BITCH SHUHUI! RANKO!
We went to USS together and had Steamboat together at night. Well she's a regular of USS haha so she's the one who brought me around there :) That day was GREAT, we should go back again next time when the Ceylon and Human ride in USS are ready to be played.

She dared me to play the roller coaster HAHA if not I have to say I was really damn coward that day. but thanks that she dared me HAHA.

After the trip to USS, I decided to go back to Indo for awhile since I was having break and this little one, My first niece, Alice Valencia has grow up quite much. She finally learnt how to address me as 小叔 (Uncle).

To be honest I feel old to be called uncle HAHA but seeing her calling me Uncle I feel rather happy :) This little one grow taller each time I go back Indonesia. She doesn't exactly like me so much cause I always bully her HAHA. But then again she's funny, funny as in she can be such a joker HAHA kinda remind me of myself XD oh well see you soon little Alice :)
On the same day as Alice is able to call me Uncle it's my dad's birthday! :)
I did purposely came back to celebrate his birthday, my mom cook us a big feast that day. awesome and delicious :P
Dad I wish you a Happy New Year, May things goes well and get better for you in 2014! :)
Anddd On 15-6-2013, 6:37AM!
Welcome my Second Niece, Joey Valencia to this world! :)
I haven't got to see her that often since I rarely go back Indo. the last time i saw her she's already know how to flip her own body. I think the next time I see her should be 2014 Chinese New Year. maybe she'll know how to crawl already perhaps? :)

Oh well children grows quite fast. let's see then see you soon Joey! Don't mind your playful Uncle uh~ HAHA

When I came back from Indonesia, Singapore was struck by the Haze from Indo. haha this is a view that I took from Jcube when the day that the Haze at the highest state. It was rather hazy that things weren't so clear haha. Well no more luckily it didn't last for long.

I remember we're annoyed by this haze as our Taekwondo training are forced to cancel due to it. And there's a competition coming.

Well not long after that I have my competition and again it's still Poomsae Competition. it's National Taekwondo competition in Singapore. Well! I won Silver! haha no so bad? haha oh well I was green belt during that time!
I can't wait to spar haha 
As after competition I'm more free. I crashed my classmate CCA's camp. it was their FOC camp. and since they said they needed help I volunteered to be a Group Leader in their camp. Not something that others will do. HAHA who will randomly wanna crash other people's camp? Well I DO haha
Well guys meet my NPSC(Ngee Ann Polytechnic Shooting Club) Peeps. XD

Back row, from left : Ming Cai, Yong Hon, Louis, Me, Jie Lun, Farhan, Edwin.
Front row, From left : Shu Heng, Jing Yi, Mei Hui, Saffanah, Brandon
Along with the green shirt guy, Ming Cai, we're the Group Leaders of this group. crashing their camps and become their group leader was never in my mind, haha cause my thought was to be one of them which is a camper as well but since my friend reject me as a camper, they took me in as a GL haha so be it then! :)

The camp was fun and this group was hilarious :P

from left back row : Howardy, Ming Cai(Group Leader)
From Left front row : Syazanah, Dinah, Daphane, Kristal, Darrien, Me(Group Leader), Ci Rong.

I fooled them saying that I was an alumni and some of them actually believed me till one day I exposed that i'm not HAHA. Especially Kristal.

Well after the camp that's when this come in! My Race Against Cancer! :) 15KM was conquered! hehe

After the Race, I remember it was during July period if not wrong. My school carried out a Blood Donation Drive, I decided to go and donate my blood, in which Yong Chee also joined me.

I still remember how I was terrified by the needle and asked the nurse like countless times to distract me while inserting the needle through my vein. BUT THEN...

What surprised me was the procedure was PAINLESS. It was not painful at all. and after donation I feel fine as well. what's better is~ haha I feel good about myself as I feel I have done something good for the society hehe sort of like Ego Boost. :P Well! there will be a next time for me! :)

I suggest you guys to donate too! :)

FYI : 1 packet of blood can save 3 lives!

This photo was taken when we went for an award ceremony night for those who won colors award in our club! :) Our captain Ming Wei was there too so we all decided to take a photo together as him.

All those in the photo, we're all his Humble disciple XD.

Grandma 75th birthday Celebration!! :) This is already in September period btw haha
Ever since coming to Singapore I rarely go back Indo and seeing grandma become one of the rarest things that I can get.
I'm glad I was having holiday during that moment and able to attend her birthday~ :)
I came across this photo of my young self which I decided to go back to the same place and snap a pic. hmm not bad 16 years ago and later~ :)

One of my happiest moment in 2013 is to meet this 2 husky, Viper and Sakura. goshhh they are so damn cute XD haha they are simply the type of dogs that would satisfy my fetish for dogs xD
2nd trip to USS, but this time round is HALLOWEENNNNNN haha well it was fun and shocking, tho i was not exactly shocked by the ghost but then it was fun. XD  all the laughing at other people being scared make me feel rather bad HAHA

NOVEMBER PERIOD! :) My big brother's marriage day! :) I got another sister-in law. I was one of my brother's brother haha cause it's base on the Chinese style wedding so the groom is suppose to have the 兄弟. and yeap I'm one of them. It was fun doing all those of weird things during the gate crash. XD I LIKE THE CUP CAKES HAHA.

Their wedding was sweet really. I have to say my brother can be quite sweet ;) he made this video based on facebook. and I have to say I'm utmost impressed.

Hmmm my wedding? haha well being the only single in my house. let's see. let fate decide mine I guess haha but definitely not before I have my own career la haha.
23rd November 2013. My mother's birthday
Her birthday is something that I always missed after coming to Singapore :/ due to school I always missed it
Joining Swissotel Vertical Marathon was another challenge that I've set for myself after joined RAC in june. well I DID IT! :

POLITE 2013! in this competition I was blue belt, well Sadly to say I didn't manage to win anything. BUT Nevermind i will join SPARING COMPETITION IN THE NEXT COMPETITION!! YES! xD

This is my group EyeCandy. In FuzzyNutz we all agree that this lady in Yellow Shirt and black tight is the most prettiest one in the camp HAHAHA
Joining YDC camp is one of the best decision I've made in 2013. because knowing all those people in camp really made my life better. Learn more things knows more people, sharing goals and doing new things together~

All those are awesome. Having them with me are one of the greatest gift I have had in 2013. And I want our stories to continue. in 2014 and also up coming years. Things will continue.
YDC 2013 Camp full power! XD

This is when we're in the airport, our Vietnamese friends are going back Vietnam. And we're here to send them off.

Having our Vietnamese friend with us in this camp was great. Though it was a short 3D2N camp but then we all have fun together and we have promised each other to see each other again in the next YDC camp which will happen in 2014
Well I can't wait to see them again. 
Meet Kathy! :) She said I look KOREAN! HAHA. Well that's very sweet of her. :) In our skipping rope challenge that we had in the camp. She can jump the best! XD well as promised she will come back THIS year and finish that skipping rope challenge with us. it's a promised :) so I really hope to see her again haha

We all have different background, different ages. But we have 1 thing in common which we joined YDC camp together :)
and for that enough we're friends, buddies, brothers, sisters XD

30th Decemeber 2013 Outing, we went Sentosa together.
Well the mud throwing and the sea was HAHAHA but then dinner was great. We ate in Astons and Planned for our New Year Eve.

Played TAITI while waiting for food HAHA oh well that day the cards sure is ugly.
Spending New Year Eve 2013 with this group of people was fun. the 4 hours straight of singing was HAHA damn epic but then cool. As we had our DrinkChillLepak Moment nearby Harmony's house we waited for the Arrival of 2014 and here it is Welcome 2014 :) 
2014, You're a year which full of Plans and promises made in 2013. I hope all those plans are fulfilled and all the promises are kept. and My first 24 hours in 2014. I have used it majority in sleeping and blogging this post haha. Hope you enjoyed reading my memories 2013.

2013 I will miss you for all those moments that I have had fun in, cause it's truly amazing because if I have not made those decision perhaps it you wouldn't have been so eventful for me~
and 2014 I'm ready to face you, be it good or bad. I will ensure you be a good one and enjoy you as much as I can :)

Dear Readers, I hope you have had fun in 2013. I wish you a Happy New Year and may 2014 be a good start for you :)

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