Friday, September 26, 2014

24th September, Emma Watson's Speech

Hi Bloggers and Readers!

Just wanna see if any of you have heard of Emma Watson's Speech?
CLICK the link if you haven't haha
Well basically this pretty much sums up what she mentioned in the speech~

I wanna say what she said was rather true, the part where by both genders should be free of how they wanna behave. Do check out more by clicking the link! :)
Man tend to tell themselves that "I SHOULD LEARN TO FACE IT ALONE" well things like that something that.

It's like asking for "Help" is something embarrassing and show sign that "I'm weak and less man" well I tend to feel so I admit it, and I suppose Emma's speech sort of enlighten me about it.

It does not mean I'm gonna act Feminist LOLOL it just that I guess, during my DOWN period after my results came out, I realized that I'm too fixed on wanna settle it by myself which stressed me out.

We will all need a someone that are gonna face it along with us through out~ this person could be your
Your family?
your best friend?

OR Anyone! For me, she's my best friend Ranko. she's there for me through out~ well everyone! Don't always keep things to yourself. It's not really very encouraging, well you have the right to be so called "weak" sometime too.

Allow yourself and find the right person to share your feeling you'll feel better! #BeenThereDoneThat
You may find it a small issue,from the way I said it, However if by doing so could actually make someone feel better, I don't see how this issue is small at all

SO yea my friends don't always suppress yourself with the negativity in your life. Feel free to let all out~ of course to the right person only~ :)

and with this I hope you enjoy your day! XD Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

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