Friday, October 24, 2014

24th October, Maya

Hi bloggers and readers!

Hey guys~ Sorry I know, I haven't posted any post at all recently. I have been kinda busy with a few things, and also my mood was really really bad~ But oh well I'm much better now! So I'm back! XD

Well let's talk a bit about how was it for me for the past few weeks, well I am still serving my Internship although recently it has started to become a little harder for me?
Never really did have any problem when I just started however these days we just started a few new things and I don't really know how to do it YET so it's quite stressful
I won't deny that I have been dealing with mistakes at work... and my boss is certainly weren't very happy about it... Sooooo ouhhh I better hurry and pick myself up with the new things.

Some of my friends asked why I'm not posting any videos at all~ Well I love to but then again, actually I haven't really had any time of doing it at all, considering that the only time I have is night time and if you have read my previous POST. I actually kinda sacrificing my sleep to edit them, haha well I don't personally mind that

But knowing that I may be dozing off during work that is bad..(I was caught recently for dozing off while staring at the computer) I'm quite shock by how tired I am sometime.. LOL

It has been quite an emotional period for me during the past few weeks

So I don't think I should do anything.. everything will be too negative and wowwwww I don't want that
Well during those EMO period I picked up a new habit! :)

I name this book, "Maya" inspired by the word "my"

Maya means Virtual or Imaginary in Indonesian so yeah fit this book quite well haha it's filled with my virtual imagination towards my life, HAHAHA okay lame.
But I certainly do enjoy writing it~ and if you found this book do contact me haha my contacts are inside HAHA XD

Why I decided to start Journal-ing was because of an inspiration. I was inspired by Philip Wang from Wong Fu Production. When I first cane across his blog and the I saw this post of his that mentioned about his journals. He said...

"I often, very often, read back through old journals. I like to search for patterns, reminders, lessons. They are my life’s “textbooks”. I can see how things I felt were so dire, pan out. I see resolutions to problems and drama. I see worries that ultimately did not need to be worried about. "

which yeah, I like the idea of having our personal life "textbooks". Some lesson are meant to be remember so it will be better if we actually take the initiative of noting them down, and remind ourselves of the lessons we've learned or maybe simply laugh at how stupid we were in the past..? haha that isn't so bad either..?

and yeah, I've been writing a lot lately, more than what I wrote in my blog haha but then the content ain't very fantastic to be shown for others anyway, there are good and bad contents just that these days were mostly bad.

Well how should I say this? I constantly finding myself feeling lost~?

Questioning myself for what I wanna do in the future and I realized I have no right answer that it terrifies me.
Which then now I'm thinking, there actually NO RIGHT ANSWER for this. We can't really predict our future? So yeah, the right answer is perhaps simply do what we are really passionate about, and work on it? :)

This came out of my suggested videos in my channel so I decided to watch it and yeah, learnt a few things. (there are still other celebrities who did this #IAm campaign too) they are all rather inspiring, hearing how they struggle and the TIME they took~

like the one by Michelle Phan she said "It doesn't matter how small your beginnings are, it doesn't matter.. All that matter is how big your passion is"

Haha sorry for all the quotation that I've been doing, but I really enjoy it hearing all these. It just made feel that "Hey, I shouldn't give up just yet, these people pull through cause they didn't give up!"

So yeah I don't know how many of you feel the same as I do.

Anyway this post has been really random. haha but then all I wanna say is..

 I believe we all have the right to strive for that something that we are really passionate about, and sure some people around us may not approve it but then if you really like it then you should really work on it. Don't live in regret~ And I hope I'm able to live mine as well hahahaha let's walk on and see

anyway thanks for reading my random post! I'll ensure I post my next post soon~ :)

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