Friday, July 10, 2015

11th July, Thoughts

Hi Bloggers and Readers

Ever since I started writing a physical journal, I pour most of my thought into it. I found myself obsessed over it. (note: I am finishing it already) for some of you who perhaps do not know. I started to have this habit of writing my thought since last year October. Read my post about Maya.

I find it better to have a physical journal, it does not mean I do not love blogging. I do~ I am still that #JustABoy who enjoy writing long essay, about my own typical boy's life. I am learning to improve my own writing skill though, perhaps I can try some short story writing for next time. Okay back to writing~ having a journal is better in a sense because it has a lot more privacy as compared to online journal like blog. (Let's face it, not everyone is daring to be extremely open when it comes to personal thought, after all it's personal)

I do share some thought though, at least that is what I am intending to do now, I do hope some opinion would be given :3 and I strongly recommend on writing a personal journal, it's your personal space to rant and just pour out your thought and think about it when you re-read them.

Sometimes even to your most closest friend, you tend to have things that you feel you can't say, however to your journal you can~ Treat it like a friend and talk to it by writing(kinda wrong?) it would feel really good somehow. I feel so, I don't know about you :)

Anyway let's talk about some life events just a bit of update of how my life has been for the past 5 months I believe.(I am a detail oriented person)

In my last entry, I was still on my six-month Internship, ended on the 7th of February, a few days after my last entry actually and I was really glad when it was over, Really very glad. As soon as that I embarked on the journey on finding my next job.
21st of May 2015 - Graduation Day
Of course before start working you have to graduate first~ I wrote a lot of thought on this already on my Instagram
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Graduated~! at the same time I was lucky to find myself my next job! It took me quite sometime, however it was because I started to early on my Job hunt which seems to have taken too long. Anyway all that starts well ends well~

21st June 2015 - One Month After Graduation & Father's Day
I decided to write an entry to my own Journal on that day to commemorate my so called "One Month Anniversary" after Graduation. And again I wrote ANOTHER essay in my Instagram post there, so I won't repeat here LOL
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Anyway~ Being in the workforce(I like to put it this way, sound better than working life.).
There are things that can really be talk about, quite a lot in fact, I find myself making a lot of writing. well perhaps in my next blog post I would talk more about it.

Hope to hear some good opinions!

Okay what really inspired me to once again come back blogging~(I was really reluctant on making any entries, I have my reasons~)

Thankful to my Juniors, fellow friends in NPTKD for all the awesome memories I had there. Well remember to check out in Instagram LOL there will be a post about it.
They actually talked about my blog to the new batch of people. It gave me a thought of reviving it. So here I am.

I would try to be blog more often, it may require more work than apps like Instagram(Honestly though I feel that sometime Instagram is already like my Blog, for that my blog is like a collage of the pictures.)

Perhaps I should blog about something else? :3


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