Wednesday, July 15, 2015

15th July, Before and After

Hi Bloggers and Readers!

Hey there I am back~! I hope you are doing fine #WhoeverYouAre #ForeverAloneMuch? #JustMeBeingMe

ANYWAY! Kinda have a little too much time now, despite the fact that I have joined workforce...

Yeah I mentioned in my Previous Post that I am now in WORK FORCE!!

#JustABoyLife >> Next Chapter WORKING!

Okay perhaps exaggerated a little? Hehe. Well my point is that, when I see people.. My friends basically the ones who graduated earlier than me of course~ Sure not all of them joined the workforce~ 

In Singapore, the guys my age are going through their 2 years National Service (Most of them just got in like about this period now) the girls on the other hand would be moving on to studies, pretty common, As for me since I am not local and neither am I smart enough to get into the local university, I joined the workforce~ yea work work earn cash. #Actually I'm gonna take Gap year(University can come later)

Continue, those who joined workforce earlier than me always seem busy. You call them to hang out and they'll be like "OH I'M SORRY I GOT TO LOTS OF THING IN MY HAND", or things like~ "SORRY BRO, I'M WORKING OVERTIME" yeah stuff like that. I find myself being rather free as I am now LOL

Technically, I DO have more time to spare because I am still on my OJT(On Job Training) and tomorrow is the last day of it and the week after is RJT(Real Job Thing), either being in the workforce now definitely do makes me feel more relax over myself(Perhaps because I haven't started with the Real Job thing) I do find myself have time to just think about lots of things like what I would like to do and accomplish~!

Yes, working out or exercise and perspire.

Since I have A LOT more free time now it would be good to try and exercise more, because 90% of the people who joined the workforce become FAT, like literally and when you ask them why..? they'll say "Oh I have no time to exercise/visit the gym" It's a LIE~ #ItsPureLaziness

I am lucky enough to have a gym just inside my company so I ought to make good use of it and really just maintain myself~ stay healthy and just keep fit.

And the reason I said "Try" is because I know how fucking lazy I AM~ so I hope I will continue to exercise/visit the gym. (I go back to school for Taekwondo every week so let's not be lazy) 

Btw Disclaimer, I just made up the statistic about people get fat after joining workforce. However it's TRUE most people do get fat, and personally I really wanna be in that 10% league, as most of my guy friend are serving their National Service. I certainly do not want them asking me 2 years later what happened to me..(Why are you so big size?) #HurtMuch

It really bothers me a lot, like when I'm in a clothing store and I saw a shirt that I really like, I know I will fit in it no problem~ and when I am inside the fitting room and I removed my shirt.

I don't know if this is familiar to any of you? however FUCK THIS LAYER of fats? I HATE IT LOL okay it is my fault I ate too much.

I call this layer the "Hidden Fats" because you know when you have your shirts on, they are unseen and some of your friends who are not aware of your weight would say "You look skinny!" and we'll be like "YOU DON'T KNOW.." and yea whenever I was about to try out and I saw this fats I will be like

"What the fk.. Yoga you're so fats" yea I would curse myself for it LOL

I hope by end of this year, if my laziness does not win myself I will get myself a good a nice, well and firm 6 pack abs. BY THE END OF 2015! I WILL HAVE MY ABS. #ThisYearResolution

Well talk about myself~

My company organised a regular weekly YOGA class and I have decided to join it.

It's funny in a sense because people call me "Yoga" and I am joining a YOGA class, however it's an irony as well if I can do this exercise that has the same name as me!

"Your name is Yoga? You mean that Yoga *making the YOGA pose*? Do you do YOGA?" trust me you bitches I get this like every single time when I introduce myself or being introduced. Of course I did NOT join this class because it's about my name~ I joined because I read this article that is about YOGA is really beneficial for runners

I don't run a lot however I enjoy running, joining marathon and stuff basically like cardio stuff yeah I like that stuff plus YOGA helps  improve flexibility which would aid Taekwondo and also it serves as a form of de-stress~ hey lots of benefits so why not join right?

5 reason why Runner should take of YOGA this is the article that I mentioned and I find it makes perfect sense so yea~ YOGA class here I come! XD

AND! Okay, talking about all these really make me feel the difference between student life and working adult life, and I have to say I really miss the fun time I have in school sometime however the life I am having now is quite fine as well(Let's see about it after a few months) 

Basically, life as I am now, I am living it the way I sort of want it, it's not the perfect life that I desire YET, this is far from what I desire, however it's baby step already. There are bunch of things I wanna accomplish and all these well they are just minor things, still in my 20s So I suppose there are more things to see, in the future. At least for now~ I need not worry about submitting my assignments late(My weekend is really a full-fledged rest day) I declare it and no motherfking bitches can change that #ILoveMyRestDay

What I really wanna deliver to you is that, live this life the way you want it, because if you just follow what others tell you, then you're not really living your life? you're living their life and what that happen I guarantee you~ it SUCK BALLS, and when you're living the way you wants it. Don't ever ever get complacent. not yet, unless you're some billionaire ass with everything settled already like have wife, kids, pet and whatsoever then perhaps you can be complacent.

However best thing is to never get complacent with what we have, STRIVE and be selfish with ourselves in a sense, because there are still SO MANY things out there that you can go for.

I think about things like these quite often everyday and yeah trying and doing new things every now and then when I can. Since I'm single, quite a lot of time to spare(Tho sometime can get a little thirsty HAHA)

Thanks for reading all these~ I hope you all are enjoying yourself

and Remember to always strive for a better tomorrow, if you think today is great, then make it better tomorrow, if you're happy today~ you're happier tomorrow. strive for better! :3

Taylor Swift - Clean (Cover) #1989 Album 

The original one is not yet out on YouTube, however this song SICK Love it so much. It's a really nice song give it a listen maybe? haha #SwiftiesFTW

I found myself to love her songs a lot these days and yea I'm now a TS fan as well haha XD

Sign Off
Satriyoga, Just A Boy Life

Friday, July 10, 2015

11th July, Thoughts

Hi Bloggers and Readers

Ever since I started writing a physical journal, I pour most of my thought into it. I found myself obsessed over it. (note: I am finishing it already) for some of you who perhaps do not know. I started to have this habit of writing my thought since last year October. Read my post about Maya.

I find it better to have a physical journal, it does not mean I do not love blogging. I do~ I am still that #JustABoy who enjoy writing long essay, about my own typical boy's life. I am learning to improve my own writing skill though, perhaps I can try some short story writing for next time. Okay back to writing~ having a journal is better in a sense because it has a lot more privacy as compared to online journal like blog. (Let's face it, not everyone is daring to be extremely open when it comes to personal thought, after all it's personal)

I do share some thought though, at least that is what I am intending to do now, I do hope some opinion would be given :3 and I strongly recommend on writing a personal journal, it's your personal space to rant and just pour out your thought and think about it when you re-read them.

Sometimes even to your most closest friend, you tend to have things that you feel you can't say, however to your journal you can~ Treat it like a friend and talk to it by writing(kinda wrong?) it would feel really good somehow. I feel so, I don't know about you :)

Anyway let's talk about some life events just a bit of update of how my life has been for the past 5 months I believe.(I am a detail oriented person)

In my last entry, I was still on my six-month Internship, ended on the 7th of February, a few days after my last entry actually and I was really glad when it was over, Really very glad. As soon as that I embarked on the journey on finding my next job.
21st of May 2015 - Graduation Day
Of course before start working you have to graduate first~ I wrote a lot of thought on this already on my Instagram
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Graduated~! at the same time I was lucky to find myself my next job! It took me quite sometime, however it was because I started to early on my Job hunt which seems to have taken too long. Anyway all that starts well ends well~

21st June 2015 - One Month After Graduation & Father's Day
I decided to write an entry to my own Journal on that day to commemorate my so called "One Month Anniversary" after Graduation. And again I wrote ANOTHER essay in my Instagram post there, so I won't repeat here LOL
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Anyway~ Being in the workforce(I like to put it this way, sound better than working life.).
There are things that can really be talk about, quite a lot in fact, I find myself making a lot of writing. well perhaps in my next blog post I would talk more about it.

Hope to hear some good opinions!

Okay what really inspired me to once again come back blogging~(I was really reluctant on making any entries, I have my reasons~)

Thankful to my Juniors, fellow friends in NPTKD for all the awesome memories I had there. Well remember to check out in Instagram LOL there will be a post about it.
They actually talked about my blog to the new batch of people. It gave me a thought of reviving it. So here I am.

I would try to be blog more often, it may require more work than apps like Instagram(Honestly though I feel that sometime Instagram is already like my Blog, for that my blog is like a collage of the pictures.)

Perhaps I should blog about something else? :3