Friday, September 26, 2014

27th September, Moving on~

Hi bloggers and readers! :)

Welcome to my blog again~! Haha anyway yea, in my previous post I mentioned about the path that I'm looking for~? Well just wanna tell you guys that I'm still WALKING~
My life will not stop with all those bad things that been happening, continuing stressing myself won't help either! "The clock is still ticking" and since I don't know the answer to my own future I'm just gonna keep walking~ :)

Walk with a positive attitude and do things that you really enjoy~! Anything and everything that would make you happy! Well and let's face it~ It's true that being happy and optimistic all the time does not solve our solution but then~ It is really much more better than stressing ourselves.

Well for me! I decided to start something that I have always wanted to do.. XD


Yea! I finally made my first video, It was DOPE and NOT PLANNED HAHA but I did anyway because I really feel like starting it. It's like my passion project :)

Do check it out! :) and perhaps gimme some comments on how I can improve it. Well definitely A LOT. And for your information, I have already finished my planning for my NEXT VIDEO! So do keep a look out! XD

Or simply just subscribe to my channel? :) haha hope you enjoy this video though! XD

Anyway the video with this dude! MEET KAI! :)
He's my classmate during semester 2.2. MY BUDDY haha we always sit together #Bromance
And we always have the habit of using mechanical pencil to poke each other in class which why inspired me to make that video HAHA #ArtOfLeadPoking

Oh and if you find the food attracting haha, we ate at the Juntion 8 Manhattan Fish Market! :)

9 Bishan Place,
 Junction 8 Shopping Centre
 #01-22/30, Singapore 579837
Tel/Fax: +65 6352 4034
Business Hours : 11am - 10pm

Here's the address! Do go and try? :) it's quite nice haha

And of course Meet Ranko! My best friend of all time~ :) #YouAreTheBest

If you enjoyed my video, it would be mostly thank to her! She's the first person who encourages me to do it.
Always very supportive of what I do despite how some people would find it weird~ She supports it ALL THE WAY
Thanks Ranko you're the best~ :)

oh and guys she's attached already BUT NOT TO ME HAHA! #FriendForLife 

Meet Felicia! haha she took Selfies with everyone~

Meet Breton! HAHA He claimed that he doesn't know how to smile at the camera lenses #LIES

Back : Hung Fei, Tze Hsien, Sylvester, Me, Lucas
Middle: Weekiong, Effy
Front: Yan Ni, Felicia, Breton(SEE HE SMILED WELL)

Yea! This is my class from Semester 3.1 :)

We made a promised that every alternate Friday we will have dinner together! :)
The first one was 2 week ago~ which was my first week of Internship haha and this is our 2nd time eating together!

Not everyone is here yet though, some of them are busy~

We ate at MooKata! Thai Steamboat Buffet at Lavender

  • Golden Mile Tower
    6001 Beach Road #01-55D
  • Singapore 199589
  • Lavender
and yeap here is the address, it was nice! haha free flow of MEAT, you can like it Fried or boiled Enjoyed! Well wanna find out more do go and try it yourself! XD

 Well! Just some picture of myself! Basically this is how I look like while I'm at work hehe #SeriousMode :P

 As much as I'm having fun, must always work hard too!! :)

With this! I thank you for reading my Blog! :) Hope you enjoy your day! See you soon! XD

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