Sunday, September 21, 2014

21st September, Path~

Hi blogger and readers!

So a few days ago I got back my semester 3.1 results

Honestly upon seeing the results, my mind froze.. Well I was already prepared for the worst outcome, which I'm glad I did and well the impact was not that strong haha sooo I'M FINE! I guess :x

Well I felt "Stranded" that was the first thing that came out of my mind when I saw my results. It felt like life has taken me to a different direction and I'm here all stranded feeling lost~?

Yeap this is me, I felt that my life just turned into a MAZE. Well that so called "Perfect Path" of mine has been taken away, due to some steps that I have taken before, sooo here I am feeling rather lost~ and

I wonder "which way should I go?"
I wondered for a night, and had talks with my mom over these and well a few things came into my mind and I was like "HEY I NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THIS LIFE!!"


Yea, we all need this! When our life simply does not go our way anymore. We just have to move on! It will not get better if you just stay there.. IT WILL NOT. 
I believe that this is something that we have to face eventually, it just a matter of sooner, or later~?
and for me~? I'm looking. I'm still looking for what I wanna do with my life.

Some people may already know what they want with their life, but some may have not, and I'm one of them the people who have yet to know what we wanna do.

Yes, I need a PLAN B and this time round it has to be more solid than PLAN A. But I don't know how will Plan B be like... Soooo

~ One Step At A Time ~

Future is a mystery, it's scary because I don't know what awaits me, but dear readers if you're the same as me fall under same situation as me now..? We all need to move on, we can not just let ourselves stranded in no where.

We have to move on, it would probably be one of the hardest journey we have in life, but so be it "KEEP ON STEPPING" that is what we can do for now.

We may found that one thing we want in life as we move on. That is what I am hoping for now. 
It suck but I believe I can go through with this~
But one thing for certain, well FOR ME currently is that
My internship still goes on, sooo I can't really let my resutls to affect me that much, so yeah~
So this is My Life for now and also My View. Our life may not always take us to the places that we want to be, So move on! One Step At A Time.

BUT then it does not mean we cannot walk out of it and go to the places that we want to be, we just have to DARE TO STEP OUT~ and then we may just be able to find that place that we wanna go. because

Well, I am still walking as well! Walking and looking for that place that I belong, One Step At A Time. Let's hope we found it together! :)

And for this~ Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoy your day~! :)

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