Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25th December, Camp Days before Christmas

Hey blogger! long time no blog! so today I'm back on Christmas itself! Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Anyway what I'm about to post next are my days after the ends of my exam! Exam was a stress and well I'm glad it all end well (though only 2 papers HAHAHAHA) anyway here goessss...
Right! On the first week of the Common Test Holiday I went to this camp called the "Boot Camp" a camp that is supposed to let us experience what it is like to be in NS(National Service). it's suppose to be a camp organised by my school for all the year 3 students as they are the closest generations that will face NS soon. BUT there isn't any restriction, so I decided to give it a shot and try it what was it like to be in NS since I may not have that chance to face it at all in my life, well NOT EVER..?

The first day of the camp was mostly lectures regarding what are the post in NS, and also the Urban words that are used in NS hahaha I learnt quite a few. I bet most of you know them well ASK ME IF YOU WANT I CAN TEACH YOU XD

 Second day of the camp started with a morning training start at 5AM. WHEW first time waking up that damn early for exercise haha but it was awesome, in fact I did think of continue such morning activities, well if only I have more motivations to do so XD.

Anyway MAIN REASON I joined this camp was cause of this PAINTBALL GAME!! School provided us Free Of Charge. When we're suppose to pay like close to $70 outside! It was my first time experience and I have to say it's addictive cause I really wanna play it again one day. well DEFINITELY! :)
Of course since it's a shooting game definitely you won't be the only one shooting haha I was shot as well on the first match I was shot at the Shoulder, the paint splash towards my neck though haha most of them though I was shot there. BTW the shot is not that painful in fact it's quite bearable haha.

The second match was with these group of awesome people! We played the "Elimination Match". In this match I was shot twice on the back. and also on my mask, I'm the guy who squatting down with paint on the mask HAHA. And likewise the pain is still bearable. Anyway we didn't declare any winner in this game. Cause killing our addiction for the first round is what important for us haha "WE ALL HAD FUN" that's the main point!:)

But of course after this game it just made us wanna do it again even more. Our Instructor has mentioned that there will be another "Boot Camp" next year and definitely we're allowed to join again. SO YEAP! I'm joining the next year camp AGAIN! XD and have another Paint Ball match. Well I hope these buddies of mine will still be there! Hopefully haha though I know some of them would have move on after school haha.

If you're in my school I HIGHLY SUGGEST, YOU to come for this camp, cause it's really awesome especially the Paint Ball game. :) then perhaps we can team up in this game! I DID QUITE WELL OKAY! i got a few HeadShot in both rounds HAHAHA! alright if you ever thought of joining! Let's see each other next year alright! :) 

Alright Boot Camp was simply a short 2 Days 1 Night camp!! The next camp I went is "Youth Donor Camp" which I just ended recently 2 days ago. When I decided to join this camp, I came with a mind of "I wanna kill time" But then in the end of this camp. I'm really glad that I have joined this camp.

This is stated on the book, so yeap just taken it for fun HAHA. Anyway this camp is made for the people who are inspired to be blood donors. personally I have donated once in my school, well I didn't stop after once! I wanted to continue just that I was rejected twice cause of not staying long enough in Singapore. One of the requirement is to stay in Singapore for a minimum of 4 months after travel to overseas. BUT of course it depends on where you travel haha. I went to Indonesia and so they wanted me to wait for 4 months. which currently I'm still waiting~

This is my group in this camp we call ourselves the team "FUZZYNUTZ" Alright, when our group is formed, our Ice breaking game is a game call "Fuzzy Wuzzy". We played for hours even though out the camp we still play it HAHA. and the guy in green shirt he's the leader of our group, due to his passion for PEANUT we decided to take it and name our group as  FuzzyNutz HAHA.

First Row : Invisible Irene, Peanut Joe(Leader), Juicy Joyce
Second row: Chatty Chengqi, Shameless Damian, ME(Yoga), Muthu Pradeep, Mushroom Nasrul, Awesome Andrew, Lovely Linh, K-pop Kathy.

The next day we had our games! After 1 full day of lectures we finally have our games in the second day! Anyway we're suppose to play running man which somehow change to stations game LOL! One of the killer station which make us VERY DETERMINE to come back to this camp again next year is the "SKIPPING ROPE" Station. Okay it sounds like a simple station cause well we all can skip but thenn

2 people from the group are suppose to hold the rope then the rest of the member are suppose to jump for 8 times. It suppose to sounds easy but then somehow we can't get the coordination right. HAHA we promised each other to come back again next year and do that station again! because that's the only station that we didn't accomplish.

We played this game call "Secret Angel" in the camp. Each of the camper are supposed to have a "Mortal" allocated to him/her then he/she is supposed to help his/her mortal through the camp and write letters to him/her. WELL my angel wrote me rather late and when i finally got my letters. THESE group of people decided to put a prank on me by writing me another set of letter, call themselves the S.F.(Secret Force).

The content of the letter was hmmmm HAHAA okay I really thought it's a girl that like me, and then through out till end of the camp I thought it's a girl till they all jump in and tell me "We're S.F.!" and i was like "WHUUTTT?" but oh well HAHA i still keep the letter with me cause well it's nice HAHA

if you wanna read you can come and find me to read it HAHAHA XD.
The west side bitches!! The group of YDC friends who stay at the west side with me! :) I have to say YDC got too many people who stay at EAST side or central we need more WEST SIDE AWESOME PEOPLE HAHAHA


I wanna thanks the YDC people everyone of them for organizing this camp. Glad to have know all these people. thanks to them My life have become much more interesting than it was before! :)

From Strangers to Buddies and to PEANUT XD

For my readers I hope you all would consider to join either of these 2 camps! XD let's know each other and have fun in the camp! I believe you will have fun haha XD we all did so will you :)
With Love 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

5th December, Time OUT!

Hi Blogger, been awhile since the last time I blogged. Well anyway it's December nowwwww. Christmas is coming! Maybe I should start preparing some gift HAHA XD. But oh well my dear school sure didn't waste her time, She already got me a big present.. LOL

YEAP Common Test is coming.

I have to say studying can be so boring, but really I kinda appreciate those who helped me. Confession time I never really did listen to my lectures at all. I did rather badly in my quizzes so I have to buck it up with this Common Test but damnnnnnn studying is so boringggg. Thanks for those who helped me, and gladly there's only 2 tests. If there's more haha I think I may need to prepare to fail  but oh well blame me laaa haha never listen in class BAD BOY! XP
Anyway I kinda wanna share my tip of study haha. I listened to Classical music while studying and somehow this one works especially well! This song simply make me focus and just do my past year paper XD My study song! XD

Just some random pictures that I took while studying in library hehe kinda admire my own photography skill XD what do you guys think? Not so bad right? haha. Well the weather was cold, it's been literally raining everyday(not today), well even I got flu now~ luckily not so serious.  Just hope it doesn't get worse~

Well I may not been studying a lot but still I WANT A TIMEOUT!!!
Been so tired these days~ my panda eyes are starting to pop out too haha. SO! I'm sorry if I angered you by accident. My words are nasty and I know it, especially when I'm tired or when I'm in need of timeout. So please don't hate me if i offend you haha :P

Well people around me been having a hard time too haha, SIMPLY IN A BAD MOOD. Can't really say exam came at a bad timing but oh well just deal with it~ SOON WILL BE OVERRRRRR :)

Okay no more talking about exam let's talk about something else!

Moving house soon and this will be my room one day! Haha okay the real one may not be as spacious and so well decorated as it seems in this pic, the actual one is rather small actually haha "xD

BUT I will make it as nice it can be haha show you all next time! so stay tune! hehe

Gonna do my best for Common Test hope thing goes smoothly! JIAYOU JIAYOU!
1 more weeks and it's OVER!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

24th November, Just do it!

Hi blogger, today was good, really haha got another achievement for myself after my achievement in 21st July 2013. When I decided to join Race Against Cancer.

Back in Indonesia, I used to see advertisement regarding marathon, race, and events and events for the charity. I told myself I should join them one day, for the charity! as for run haha just anyhow. Used to think I can't make it but then....
This is me when I joined RAC, haha I did it! I finished 15km! I did donated to the charity, yes I'm happy for that and also I got myself another achievement too! Haha convincing myself to join was hard though I said "It's nothing!!" TBH I was really reluctant haha, but I did it, and it feels good!

The challenge that I put up to myself. I conquered it~ from that moment onward I'm more keen to join races/marathon, for charity? haha well yea of course, but I know, my main reason is actually to challenge myself!!
"Breaking all the records that thought never could be broke"
Perhaps I'm not standing in the hall of fame haha but to me I am, in my own hall of fame! XD
Proud of myself to breaking my own records. AND I'M GONNA CONTINUE TO BREAK MY RECORDS!! 

The RAC group

And so.. here I am for the next challenge to myself! Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2013!
Swissotel The Stamford Hotel. I knew the very existence of this hotel since I'm in Indonesia. It was on news, saying it's the tallest building in Singapore for that it is 73 storeys. I did told myself that "One day when I go Singapore I must see it up close." HAHAHA well never did I dream that the day I see it up close is the day that I'm suppose to climb it and reach to the top of it by stairs not elevator LOL. and soooooooo "It shouldn't be so hard!!" <<< i told myself that haha. "it's only 73 storeys!!" No problem! LOL 
These 3 are the people who I joined RAC with, (from left) Yong Chee, Jarrat, Eng Kiat. RAC was a success for us we made it! So, this new challenge! 73 story vertical marathon! 
AND SOOOO I MADE IT TO THE ROOFTOP LEVEL 73!! The beginning was good, though when I reached level 14th I'm already panting HAHA. When I reached level 50th.. I nearly gave up, really can't take it anymore I can feel as though that I'm going to vomit literally. WELL TOO BAD! I didn't!! The persistent me decided to continue, "Since I've come all the way to level 57th why not just continue to persist! it's only a bit more!" andddd I made it! Of course I was dead beat when I reached on top but thennnnnn........
I have to say this scenery really makes me happy! I'm on the highest place in Singapore and things seems so small! All the struggles worth it! I mean you don't really see views like this everyday! so yea! Everyone was busy taking photos too cause views like these really worth seeing~ at that period of time I kinda wished that I had joined the "Sun Rise Team Challenge" instead. I wanna see what's the sunrise seems like from up here. not by photo but in person. it would have been awesome. I just knew it would.

This panaroma shot that i tried to take well if you can see~~ haha everyone are busy taking pictures haha cause the view was really awesome! :) oh a bit fail at the right side haha cause Jarrat stood up when I was rotating LOL.
Meet Eng Kiat on top of the roof!! hahaha he's been rushing me to go down when we're on top. The tired me kinda forgot the fact that he has height phobia HAHAHA. Well that's why he's the only one who didn't take a photo nearby the view. He said "It's like in hell to simply continue and stay~" HAHAHAHA

These are the heroes of the SVM2013. they are indeed the heroes haha cause imagine wearing suits like those and climb 73th floors.. GOSHHH haha I know i can't take it. simply too heaty I guess. During RAC there was also this person who run while dragging a tyre behind him. and ran 15km. These people are awesome. Well RESPECT for them! :) Good job people! XD.

Well since there is
Flash obviously he was the fastest HAHA. I kinda had wished that I was faster than Flash then took a pic "HEY PEOPLE I'M FASTER THAN FLASH!!" HAHAHAHA. Well eventually he overtook me at level 63 and then Thor joined me at level 70. I reached along with Thor. Oh well it wasn't so bad.

And Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2013 was a success! I CONQUERED IT!! Haha well all of us conquered it haha. well the next race? Haha we're kinda planning it I guess haha. I will continue to challenge myself and break more records it will be a worthwhile yes. :)
My brother once told me, "人生短短几十年, 为何要忧郁那么多" / "Life is just a few decades, why depressed so much".

He told me that cause I'm always reluctant of whether should I do certain things in life. And that included when I was thinking whether I should join RAC. Sooo yea he was right. Life is short so we should make it as meaningful/beautiful/wonderful as possible. As long as what we're doing is right/harmless/definitely good for us! Life shorts so we shouldn't waste it away. so yea

Just Do It! Or we will regret for not doing it in the future~

If it's what you believe it's right and means you no harm then it's right! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

23rd November. Hello blogger~

SOOOOOO yeahh these days have been full of events~  I'm not really a person who can express things in words so yea i think my reader you all may understand me better if i show you with pictures and captions haha. Starting by todayyy~.

sooo yea today is mom's birthday to be honest I nearly forgot that it's her birthday today, till I saw the dates and I remember.. anddd shitttt. she sounds kinda not in the mood but I guess it's cause my niece, Alice is feeling unwell. I hope she get well soon~ this is the 4th year that I'm not by her side in her birthday.. though she doesn't mind it. saying that birthdays aren't important days whatsoever but still I believe it will happier for her if we did celebrate for her. oh well my parents aren't all that enthusiastic when it comes to occasion like birthday. they say "it's just another day" well i don't think so it's a day they should really be happy entirely it's an annual thing it has to be happy for them!!

 祝你每一天都是快乐的一天! :)

In the future, no more I will celebrate with them in their future, I wanna ensure that they are happy and yes they have to be happy :)

and that's what happen today,  nothing else as I spend my entire day. SLEEPING oh well haha it had been a busy week for me the past few days. and These are what happened yesterday! 

Meet Grace and Shuhui, my bitches, since secondary school. they are my first few friends that I made in secondary school. Started at Sec 3 so yea haha hard to blend in. anywayyy yesterday was Grace's CCA performance, Chinese Drama and we went to watch it! :)

Hi Grace! Last year your performance were great, you were an actress, too bad you didn't perform this year cause me and shuhui was really expecting to show up when we're watching. anyway knowing you're stage director, we're really proud of you cause the play was indeed magnificent :) next year, hope to see your perform do your best bitch! XD 
Before we went for Grace's performance. We went to watch this movie. Several of my friends constantly telling me it's a nice movie, saying that it's a simple movie but the story line was good, and indeed it was. it was a rather complicated and unexpected I have to say... Well I will suggest you all to watch it, though you all may be surprised or even find it "WTH" but still it is an interesting movie so yea WATCH IT.  

Meet my bitch/slut/etc. or should I say My Ranko, haha.

This girl, Shuhui is my friend since secondary school, My first close friend in Singapore! When we first knew each, tbh I heard a lot of bad things about her, regarding how she's an emo girl blah blah blah whatever whatever, and yea I used to dislike her. but then~ when I started to know her. yes some of things that other said was true, she WAS an emo girl but not entirely true! I was an emo boy myself that time HAHA but one thing about her is her "Acceptance" towards people.
We tend to judge people due to something about them and this "Acceptance" is destroyed.

But for her? She's great. I'm not all the times a good boy, in fact I have this straight forward bad attitude haha butttt she didn't mind in fact she took in all my judgement LOL, well of course she do judge me all the time so yeah haha it's okay i guess. Well we knew each other shitty past and how when we talked about it haha it always goes for hours. We had fun/sad/bad/crazy/weird/bitchy times together. Definitely this girl is 1 person that I am SO DAMN GLAD that I have known her. she's one of the reason for who I am today, we walked out of the emo past together and yea things are better for us. For each of our belief we stand strong and continue to SMILE :) cause tomorrow will be better.
Thanks for being in my life Madelane Chee Shu Hui. You're the best and I am too XD  LOVE YOU! <3
So yea that is all for today. Anyway if I feel like blogging tmr, I will tell you all about my marathon haha yeap! As you can see I have my Ultimate Step Training tomorrow! HAHA okay i meant vertical marathon well that's what I call it along with some of my Taekwondo friends who also got joined. Well Good night then!! :)