Thursday, December 5, 2013

5th December, Time OUT!

Hi Blogger, been awhile since the last time I blogged. Well anyway it's December nowwwww. Christmas is coming! Maybe I should start preparing some gift HAHA XD. But oh well my dear school sure didn't waste her time, She already got me a big present.. LOL

YEAP Common Test is coming.

I have to say studying can be so boring, but really I kinda appreciate those who helped me. Confession time I never really did listen to my lectures at all. I did rather badly in my quizzes so I have to buck it up with this Common Test but damnnnnnn studying is so boringggg. Thanks for those who helped me, and gladly there's only 2 tests. If there's more haha I think I may need to prepare to fail  but oh well blame me laaa haha never listen in class BAD BOY! XP
Anyway I kinda wanna share my tip of study haha. I listened to Classical music while studying and somehow this one works especially well! This song simply make me focus and just do my past year paper XD My study song! XD

Just some random pictures that I took while studying in library hehe kinda admire my own photography skill XD what do you guys think? Not so bad right? haha. Well the weather was cold, it's been literally raining everyday(not today), well even I got flu now~ luckily not so serious.  Just hope it doesn't get worse~

Well I may not been studying a lot but still I WANT A TIMEOUT!!!
Been so tired these days~ my panda eyes are starting to pop out too haha. SO! I'm sorry if I angered you by accident. My words are nasty and I know it, especially when I'm tired or when I'm in need of timeout. So please don't hate me if i offend you haha :P

Well people around me been having a hard time too haha, SIMPLY IN A BAD MOOD. Can't really say exam came at a bad timing but oh well just deal with it~ SOON WILL BE OVERRRRRR :)

Okay no more talking about exam let's talk about something else!

Moving house soon and this will be my room one day! Haha okay the real one may not be as spacious and so well decorated as it seems in this pic, the actual one is rather small actually haha "xD

BUT I will make it as nice it can be haha show you all next time! so stay tune! hehe

Gonna do my best for Common Test hope thing goes smoothly! JIAYOU JIAYOU!
1 more weeks and it's OVER!

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