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25th December, Camp Days before Christmas

Hey blogger! long time no blog! so today I'm back on Christmas itself! Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Anyway what I'm about to post next are my days after the ends of my exam! Exam was a stress and well I'm glad it all end well (though only 2 papers HAHAHAHA) anyway here goessss...
Right! On the first week of the Common Test Holiday I went to this camp called the "Boot Camp" a camp that is supposed to let us experience what it is like to be in NS(National Service). it's suppose to be a camp organised by my school for all the year 3 students as they are the closest generations that will face NS soon. BUT there isn't any restriction, so I decided to give it a shot and try it what was it like to be in NS since I may not have that chance to face it at all in my life, well NOT EVER..?

The first day of the camp was mostly lectures regarding what are the post in NS, and also the Urban words that are used in NS hahaha I learnt quite a few. I bet most of you know them well ASK ME IF YOU WANT I CAN TEACH YOU XD

 Second day of the camp started with a morning training start at 5AM. WHEW first time waking up that damn early for exercise haha but it was awesome, in fact I did think of continue such morning activities, well if only I have more motivations to do so XD.

Anyway MAIN REASON I joined this camp was cause of this PAINTBALL GAME!! School provided us Free Of Charge. When we're suppose to pay like close to $70 outside! It was my first time experience and I have to say it's addictive cause I really wanna play it again one day. well DEFINITELY! :)
Of course since it's a shooting game definitely you won't be the only one shooting haha I was shot as well on the first match I was shot at the Shoulder, the paint splash towards my neck though haha most of them though I was shot there. BTW the shot is not that painful in fact it's quite bearable haha.

The second match was with these group of awesome people! We played the "Elimination Match". In this match I was shot twice on the back. and also on my mask, I'm the guy who squatting down with paint on the mask HAHA. And likewise the pain is still bearable. Anyway we didn't declare any winner in this game. Cause killing our addiction for the first round is what important for us haha "WE ALL HAD FUN" that's the main point!:)

But of course after this game it just made us wanna do it again even more. Our Instructor has mentioned that there will be another "Boot Camp" next year and definitely we're allowed to join again. SO YEAP! I'm joining the next year camp AGAIN! XD and have another Paint Ball match. Well I hope these buddies of mine will still be there! Hopefully haha though I know some of them would have move on after school haha.

If you're in my school I HIGHLY SUGGEST, YOU to come for this camp, cause it's really awesome especially the Paint Ball game. :) then perhaps we can team up in this game! I DID QUITE WELL OKAY! i got a few HeadShot in both rounds HAHAHA! alright if you ever thought of joining! Let's see each other next year alright! :) 

Alright Boot Camp was simply a short 2 Days 1 Night camp!! The next camp I went is "Youth Donor Camp" which I just ended recently 2 days ago. When I decided to join this camp, I came with a mind of "I wanna kill time" But then in the end of this camp. I'm really glad that I have joined this camp.

This is stated on the book, so yeap just taken it for fun HAHA. Anyway this camp is made for the people who are inspired to be blood donors. personally I have donated once in my school, well I didn't stop after once! I wanted to continue just that I was rejected twice cause of not staying long enough in Singapore. One of the requirement is to stay in Singapore for a minimum of 4 months after travel to overseas. BUT of course it depends on where you travel haha. I went to Indonesia and so they wanted me to wait for 4 months. which currently I'm still waiting~

This is my group in this camp we call ourselves the team "FUZZYNUTZ" Alright, when our group is formed, our Ice breaking game is a game call "Fuzzy Wuzzy". We played for hours even though out the camp we still play it HAHA. and the guy in green shirt he's the leader of our group, due to his passion for PEANUT we decided to take it and name our group as  FuzzyNutz HAHA.

First Row : Invisible Irene, Peanut Joe(Leader), Juicy Joyce
Second row: Chatty Chengqi, Shameless Damian, ME(Yoga), Muthu Pradeep, Mushroom Nasrul, Awesome Andrew, Lovely Linh, K-pop Kathy.

The next day we had our games! After 1 full day of lectures we finally have our games in the second day! Anyway we're suppose to play running man which somehow change to stations game LOL! One of the killer station which make us VERY DETERMINE to come back to this camp again next year is the "SKIPPING ROPE" Station. Okay it sounds like a simple station cause well we all can skip but thenn

2 people from the group are suppose to hold the rope then the rest of the member are suppose to jump for 8 times. It suppose to sounds easy but then somehow we can't get the coordination right. HAHA we promised each other to come back again next year and do that station again! because that's the only station that we didn't accomplish.

We played this game call "Secret Angel" in the camp. Each of the camper are supposed to have a "Mortal" allocated to him/her then he/she is supposed to help his/her mortal through the camp and write letters to him/her. WELL my angel wrote me rather late and when i finally got my letters. THESE group of people decided to put a prank on me by writing me another set of letter, call themselves the S.F.(Secret Force).

The content of the letter was hmmmm HAHAA okay I really thought it's a girl that like me, and then through out till end of the camp I thought it's a girl till they all jump in and tell me "We're S.F.!" and i was like "WHUUTTT?" but oh well HAHA i still keep the letter with me cause well it's nice HAHA

if you wanna read you can come and find me to read it HAHAHA XD.
The west side bitches!! The group of YDC friends who stay at the west side with me! :) I have to say YDC got too many people who stay at EAST side or central we need more WEST SIDE AWESOME PEOPLE HAHAHA


I wanna thanks the YDC people everyone of them for organizing this camp. Glad to have know all these people. thanks to them My life have become much more interesting than it was before! :)

From Strangers to Buddies and to PEANUT XD

For my readers I hope you all would consider to join either of these 2 camps! XD let's know each other and have fun in the camp! I believe you will have fun haha XD we all did so will you :)
With Love 

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