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31st January, Page 31 of 365


Hi blogger! Long time no blog! Today is the end of the first month of the new year, 2014 at the same time it's Chinese Lunar New Year! I hope you all have been having fun too! I definitely did haha XD. Well before start talking about it~ let's review on what has been happening this month! :)

Page 9 - 11
Well, in the first week of the camp. I helped out in Geylang Methodist Secondary School(GMSS) Sec's 1 orientation camp, the camp was under the jurisdiction of the "Trybe Organasation". Well I joined a camp back in the late 2012, organized by Ngee Ann and also under their jurisdiction. It's called the NPYA Self-Discoveries camp. One of my group mentor, Keith. He contacted me and told and ask me to help out in this camp as they don't have enough manpower. SOOO I helped out!

That girl is Pammie, one of my logistic partner! Well we spent most of the time being the secret warrior of 320 students that we sort of forgot a group photo HAHA. Well this camp was WHEWWWW well my first time being a logistic of a camp and for such a large group of campers I have to say it almost drained me D;

A good experience I suppose~ :) Well my deepest memory on this camp is when the children came and asked me for second servings food, I said "Sorry there's no second serving" well camp regulation haha. When they gave me the Hush Puppy dog face.. DAMNNNNN I feel so bad :( but then camp has camp rules~  It was supposed to be a 3D2N camp. But well I have something need to do haha so I left earlier on last day. WHY? well check out below!

Just an extra info haha if ever wanna help out in camps or whatsoever, do contact  haha it's voluntarily thing. so if ever keen to do so~ contact them XD

Page 11-12

Well he is why I left camp early! HAHA, I accepted the help out in camp that I actually forgot that his birthday is on 11th of Jan. I'm really thankful of my YDC peeps for helping me plans on his birthday celebration.

Speaking of honest, I didn't do much planning. They did most, Thanks PEEPO! :) Well Yong chee if you're reading this I'm glad you had had fun that day! Well it was a really really last minutes planning, I didn't even enjoyed my camp fully cause I was thinking on what to do for his birthday celebration LOL. So I really really really thankful for you guys that helped me for the celebration. THANKS! :)

Well this taught me to do less last minutes planning, but oh well bad habit always happened haha. 

Page 19

My grading was held on that day. Well! Finally I had my one and only "Double" during grading. Normally in Taekwondo Grading, there's either "Fail", "Pass" and the exceptionally rare ones "Double". Well what it meant is to skip one belt level! Well when I went for the grading, I was in Blue belt level. So, I doubled I'm brown now.

My coach helped me sort of helped me that day, I'm glad it succeed and~~ I GOT MY BROWN! We're suppose to hit brown belt level before we can go for Sparring competition. SO YEAH~ This upcoming March there's a sparring competition awaits me, I hope I won! Wish me luck guys haha XD
This a motivational picture my club captain sent us. Well let' hope that I can hit that height level and.. Win my competition maybe? haha OH WELL~ a new target of the year! shall do my best in it :)

Page 21

HAHAHA alright my room~ Well still in progress! show you all next time when I finish packing my room and also the entire house haha. it's filled with boxes now supposingly haha.

Page 26

YDC Reunion Dinner!

These people, really I am so glad to have know you all haha :) the reunion dinner was great~

Well rarely have gathering like this due to our busy and different schedules, and able to know you all are a form luckiness in my life, thanks and still thanks. haha I realised i did a lot of thanking to you all already but haha I simply can't stop thanking you all somehow~? Well knowing how my life changed after knowing you all, all I thought of is just "Thank you"

Our chat can be random but it simply can be entertaining to hear~ Well a simple catch up with life! And I really like that. The next YDC camp is still a long way ahead, But I already can't wait for it to come haha  xD

May it be a good ones and once again thanks to be in my life peeps :')

Page 29

Meet Cindy! Well my gossip buddy in school, well we define each other as "Bitches" HAHA cause we always bitch about things school or people :P

That day we're in town looking for people to do our survey for one of our module. She said "I think this the first time I came town with you" then I was like yeaaaaa HAHA so yeap this is why we took this photo XD

Well we know each other since year 1 in Poly and haha I have to say most of the time I've been bullying her HAHA, Thanks bitch for being so tolerant on me, and I enjoy our bitching session really haha. I hope you do too! XD let's have more of such session HAHA

Page 30

Reunion Dinner 2014!

And also my first family photo that is not FORMAL. My family are all not photogenic people really, sometimes it's not that I don't take pictures with my family, it's simply they don't really wanna take LOL.

Well reunion 2013 dinner was better XD cause my mom cooked the food that I like last year. well this year we ate outside soo lesser option to choose haha cause not I choose the food haha. if my mom cooked it I can ask her mah XD
hope next year dinner will be better XD

From Left : 1st sis-in law, Big Brother, Alice(1st niece), Dad, Me!, Mother, 2nd sis-law, Joey(2nd niece), 2nd brother

And finally Page 31...

And today is the Chinese Lunar New Year, Well my family and I spent most of the time watching TV. and hmmm I miss such period :) well it's like an annual thing I guess? holiday time, slack together and watch TV, then laugh at the show or talk about what may happen to the character in the show or etc etc. Simpleness and I like it :)

Well this mark the end of this eventful Chapter 1, January of 2014. I hope the new Chapter February will be a better one maybe? XD

Alright I hope you all have enjoy your Chinese New year, even if you're not celebrating it. I hope you guys have had a good time with your family! :) Do spend more time with your family! XD

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