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15th March 2014, Indonesia! :)

Hi blogger! It's been a really long time since the last time I blog, to be honest I nearly forgot that I have a blog to update haha opss that's rather irresponsible as a blogger. Sorry for my readers, I don't know if you guys are waiting for a post or not but either way sorry for keeping so long haha.

Alright slight update after the previous post, After finished celebrating Chinese New Year back in Indo, it was a busy period for me, well not the activities like camp or hang out with friends. it's STUDIES. Haha small advice guys sometime try to learn how to manage time more and if can't handle things on your own. DON'T ACT STRONG!! Don't be like me!!
This was my Mini project that I was worried for through out my second semester in my Poly year 2. It was suppose to be a group project for a minium of 2 people, BUT THEN, well...

Lecturer : "Alright, find yourself a group of maximum 3 people to do this project!"
Me: *My programming aren't that good perhaps I shouldn't burden others*
...Approach lecturer
Me: "Lecturer, can I do this Alone?"
Lecturer: "Yes, but it is not advice to do so, cause you will still get the same marks as those who works in groups"

Well bad move Yoga, BAD MOVE!! It was a stressing project to do it solo through out, not only that I'm quite lazy myself to do it, i really don't know how to start to~ my starting point was rather messy but I thank my lecturer a lot for helping me in this project. without their guidance I wouldn't have finish this T_T

So yeah, an advice to you all!! DON'T TRY TO BE WHEN YOU CAN'T BE. well my fault to be a WannaBe D:

Oh and this project is basically a Phone application, well for Android phone only and as you can see in the pictures, it's a map search app haha well if you wanna know more on how the app works, FIND ME!! :) I'll be glad to show you how haha. MY MASTER PIECE! So far~
Well after rushing through this Mini Project, the Final Exam is already around the corner. I didn't bother to take any pic at all haha, well mug my days through out just to study for it.

And as for how is it? Well I'm not sure how the outcome will be, May not be so good :/ but I DID MY BEST! and it's OVER sooooo may it be good right? XD PLEASE SO HAHA

Okay actually not entirely, no pic to show during exam period haha, this was keeping me company!

I came to know about this TAP project from Facebook, I was scrolling through my news feed when a friends posted this, well basically it's to train your ability on NOT TOUCHING YOUR PHONE. the longer you left your phone untouched the more water you have donated for the people in the world who have no access to clean water.

Basically, each minute you don't touch your phone, UNICEF will provide 1 day of clean water for the people who need them :) a meaningful project indeed! And the timing was perfect, after all it's exam period and I SHOULD STAY AWAY from my phone haha.

That timing above was not mine haha it's my friends, I'M NOT THAT GOOD HAHA XD. My highest record is 2 hours and 20 mins only. I choose his so that maybe you guys would be inspired more? Hehehe

ANYWAY if you're keen to try out this TAP project, click the link below! :)
Donate some water NOW! :)



But then after the end of exam it comes my COMPENSATION DAYS!

Meet Kristal Jacyln Rose! :)

A.K.A. Miss Jaclyn! haha After spending time studying for our exam and rushing project, we have our first official hang out! LOL yea I have know this miss Jaclyn since last year June.

 I was her Group Leader in her CCA camp, well I crash her camp upon knowing her CCA Committee. Well we become friends there and well due to our own schedule we never really did go out together before.

Anddddd haha I have to say the hang out was NOT PLANNED AT ALL, we met and decide to do on what we wanna do and well deepest memory of that day was spending a few hours trying to solve puzzle haha. We came across a couple who was selling IQ puzzle at scape and well I dragged her to see and decided to try it!

and DAMN THIS BITCH! She's so damn good at it!! T_T
Well I didn't manage to solve all and well she did majority of it waa dammit sia HAHA

And welll end of the day we saw that thing she's holding! The Tigger phone case :) which is also my belated birthday gift to her haha. Last year I missed her birthday cause I was in Indonesia. and well A BIT BELATED HAHA but glad you like it Miss Jaclyn! :)

Meet Madelane Chee Shu Hui!

A.K.A. Ranko! The outing with Miss Jaclyn, was actually also a gift hunting outing for this Miss Ranko! :)

Don't be angry when you read this Ranko haha
I nearly forgot her birthday date... haha I asked a friend to know the exact date, and well PLAN FOR IT!

Well making it happen is easy but choosing her gift isn't haha sometime I don't really know what she wants haha and  SHE ALSO DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE WANT!! HAHA

Well need to thank Miss Jaclyn for the suggestion haha she suggested a cap! :) see the one she's wearing? haha well both of us find it nice for Ranko haha XD.

Well I feel rather evil that day haha cause I went to show off that how I celebrated my other friends birthday to her haha and SURPRISED HER AFTER THAT! XD bad boy hor? :P anyway sorry for not being able to celebrete it for you on the actual day Ranko :x
Glad you like the gift! :) and don't let Diamond cut you uh!!
Alright! :) and proceeding~~ After my 2 compensation days. It's training time!
PARDON THE DATES!! Just to let you guys have a better idea of it haha this is last year brochure!

This is an Taekwondo competition that is organized every year by NTU. I joined last year as well! :) well I joined the Poomsae Competition which is also the Pattern competition, Paired with Zi Tong and we won Silver! :) haha Check out my 1st January blog! XD

This year I joined again :) but not Poomsae! but Kyurogi!! Sparing competition! XD
Ngee Ann Taekwondo(NPTKD) would usually arrange a training camp for this competition every year, well I had one last year and this year there's another one too. No photo was taken though haha, perhaps we should have... haha

Anyway, unlike last year, our training camp was rather last mins, the competition days fall on Saturday and Sunday. and our camp was the Monday to Friday of the week itself. TALK LAST MINS? HAHAHA

Well YOLO right haha.

Well most of us trained hard! haha well I'm luckier than some of my friends for having only 2 rounds to fight haha.


Well there will still be a upcoming competition hope all of us can attain Gold together! :) Let's train hard!

I wanna thank my peeps in NPTKD for encouraging during training. Definitely there are points of time when training is hard to keep up and well some of us including myself got too tired to keep up with it. Thank you all for pushing me forward to continue with it!

And also thank our GLORIOUS CAPTAIN Ming Wei!! For spending his Saturday morning to train us all. And also during camp he invited 2 of his friends in his own club, to come and train us for the competition. Thanks for all the nurtures you have given us! :)

Having you as our captain was one of the best thing NPTKD could have ever had. Thank you SO VERY VERY MUCH! :)

hehe sorry for the mushy-ness I laugh while typing all this but then I believe most of  us that went for the competition would thank Ming Wei for the nurtures he gave all of us :)


Well supposedly there's still thing I need to do but then.. as much as there are important, Family business is really really really in need of an extra helping hand. It's matter of being selfish I guess, I choose family over things :/

I'm sorry for my friends who may have extra works due to my selfishness. I hope you all understand. and I Thank you for that! you're really greatly appreciated. Thank you! and I'm sorry~ :/ 
How does the deck view look? haha just a random photo I took in my 2 hours ferry ride back to Indonesia XD


Things aren't going so well over here well despite with the usual problem. There's another one just came by. and damnnn it's so not good :/

This is the usual problem that I meant haha.

I think you guys may have know the problem that I'm addressing right? haha
Well having no electricity is common here and every time it happen, well minimum need to wait for 1 or 2 hours till it's back. longest record is 24 hours++ that was a long time ago though haha.

Sometime it even happens twice a days. Soo it's QUITE IRRITATING,  I even wonder if it would suddenly lights out while typing this blog, I certainly hope not to, cause typing all these out took a long time haha.

Although most of us got use to this problem DOESN'T MEAN we are fine with it, well if you're here you'll find the people here including me, cursing and swearing while the light's out hahahaha

Andddd this is the addtional problem, according to my mother and brother, it's been close to 2 months that it didn't rain, since 1 week before Chinese New Year.

The sky was clear blue! LOL I don't even see a pile of cloud, haha.

Well vehicle as such is common due to this drought weather. People start to go around with big water tank, filled up with clean water from well and driving around selling water.. We have bought twice already as well 2 days ago and today.

According to the weather forecast, today, 15th March Singapore is suppose to have a rain to end the drought season of the month, haha it got me delighted for awhile since the island I live in is rather near to Singapore. AND this afternoon got cloudy FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER~~~~~~~ LOL

But it didn't rain...... DAMMIT!! T_T Cheat my feeling haiss.

Well hoping the rain to come soon if not the weather is really unbearable to be in plus the electricity problem then wow... double the heat D:

Okay back to Indonesia is not actually all that bad haha.. I seems to have make it sound rather bad :x
Well SHOW YOU ALL! hohoho

Well meet some of the Indo delicacies that I LOVE XD

On my journey to weight gaining <3 Well there may be more food to show you all haha IF I REMEMBER TO TAKE PHOTO HAHA. Because I may have eaten before taken photo :P haha

Left: Before coming back Indonesia
Right : Back in Indonesia

Well check out my new nerdy haircut! haha well I find it look kinda nerdy HAHAHA
well what do you guys think? XD

Oh well Thanks for reading people! :) May you have a good day! :)

If it's what you believe it's right and means you no harm then it's right! :)

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