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18th April - 2nd May, A Learning Journey...

18th May

Hi Blogger and Readers! :) so yea, in the previous post I mentioned that I'm back in Indonesia. Anyway I'm back!! :) so yea! It's an one month plus spent in Indonesia. Well other than satisfying my crave for foods there, I learnt quite a couple of things too~
So yeah the stories was like this, My parents went out attending a friend's wedding banquet. My sister in-law was away with my nieces at her mom's house. And so there's only my brother and I in the house.

Before leaving for the banquet, my mom handed me Rp. 100,000. It's suppose to be for our dinner.

So after they left, my brother and I stayed at home and watch tv. After the show, my brother said he wanna make a tour to his friend's house for the car that he borrowed him and camera,

Before leaving..
Brother : "The money is still in your hand?"
Me : "Yeap!" *showing my hand with the money and my phone on my grasp.

 So we made a tour to the friends house then to his house(My parents and brother live separately since he's married). So when we got the car back to his house. ..

Brother : "Where's the money?"
\I can't find the money and I was puzzled for a second and said..
Me : "Perhaps in the car?"
So we search.. it was not there..

This got me really worried.. I was lost. REALLY LOST. I don't know where I lost the money, my phone is still there but the money simply vanished?(The attire i was wearing does not have a pocket)
 we went back the same route that we've been through but we didn't find the money at all. My brother was upset, REALLY UPSET. The amount is not little.. and he said imagine the amount that I lost is not Rupiah but SGD. Then that will be really a waste of money.

He drove me everywhere to look for it, till he got a call. It's his friend~ and apparently the money dropped in his house..

I was thinking, I was not there for longer than 5 minutes and I didn't notice that the money slipped of from my hand? My phone is fine on my hand but the money dropped and I didn't notice?

Well the Moral of this story is that I am careless.very, this worries my family well then I think again how things like this seems to have happened before, like.. my recent result~ It was a big careless.
If I were to be more attentive, and less careless and ignorant perhaps that result that I have tried hard to maintain won't be down the drain.

yes, human makes mistake, but this is more on my attitude. Well my mom did mention it has been a bad habit of mine, sooo yea~ :/ learn to be more Attentive satriyoga!

And of course, this is not only things that happened..

My father is an awesome Dad but at the same time he's also a..

A demanding boss. yes haha

Well my house tends a groceries shop so we do selling..

Well to cut it short~ I made errors and well things got resolve in the end~
and well It got me wondered If my dad were to be my real boss, then I think I would have gotten my ass kicked out...

They may just be little things in life. I mean carelessness, and Ignorance. but then when it really happened It really scared me. Other than being puzzled, I was really extremely scared? I have to say.

It kinda make me worried when I think about it, because Imagine~ things like such happened when I'm around with my parents. And what about if I'm in Singapore and they are not there with me? haha okay Perhaps i'm being wishy-washy. hahaha facing my internship next semester, so if I can't serve a boss like my dad, haha then.... LOL rather worry for myself.

2nd May (Late Content).

I was making this post till well something happened along the way, It was my niece actually :x

Yes, this is pretty much her in the house.

She cries and she get what she wants, disregarding whatever that thing could be. Well one epic one is She is holding to a pen knife, I took it, she CRIED...

I have a very terrible baby-sitting skill, I ADMIT I REALLY DO, although most of my friend that heard of my niece cases, they do agree SHE'S A SPECIAL CASE :x oh well her naughty level is really almost over-boarding, well oh well what to do?

She's 3 and well she basically don't understand everything yet, though I have to say she understand ONE thing, she knows how she can always get whatever she wants just by crying, I'm not being exaggerating, because her tears are like remotely controlled, she can cry any second she wants and stop just like that and even send you a smile on the face. LOL

Andddd whenever she see me, she will show me her tongue,I don't know where she learnt that but then!! She ONLY DO IT TO ME and damnnnnn. I know i'm being insensible for being angry with this 3 year old but damnnnnnn...
This Is Too Much ahahaha.
I Shouted At Her.
Well literally yelled at her, and of course what comes next is my mom being upset telling me I shouldn't do that as I may scare her. 

I was really hot headed that day, that nothing really did go into my mind, till recently I saw this family on the train. Which sort of enlighten me.
The children were running around in the train which disturbed the other passenger(including myself). Then the mother grab her and hit her hand, which then she cry and ran to her grandmother. 
"Isn't familiar?" that's what came to my mind that day, because my niece would have done the same.

I supposed, I was hot headed that day, when my mom and my friends were calming me down, and thus nothing that they said really went in to my mind. I re-thought of the things that they had told me.

Mom : "Your father and I are confused on what to do..One is my son, and another one is my granddaughter, sure is hard to pick.. I mean we love you both.."
Friends : "I know your niece can be quite the hard to deal with type, but then when you're yelling at her like said, then the one who is upset is your mom.. Do you notice?"

Yea, I failed to notice that~ and well then I realised how childish and insensible I am. Well I dislike how she always uses my mom as like a barrier. But one point is I failed to realised that she's 3 and I'm 20.

She requires more care than I do~ cause, in a way I am more independent than her.. then when I realised this. it was HAHAHAHA damn how SHAMEFUL.

Dear readers, well do you guys have experience like such? well it will be good that you guys do not have such, cause don't be. It's NOT WORTH IT. So yea sometimes be more forgiving will do you better.

I am older than this niece of mine, soo yea I should have a bigger heart and just forget it and well forgive her I guess.

AND YEA! This all summed up how my Indo journey has been a meaningful one. I get to learn that how I'm CARELESS, IGNORANCE, and INSENSIBLE. I should learn to be better haha how shameful :x

Thank you readers~ you may find me rather immature upon finishing all these. but then thanks. And don't dislike me for this! HAHA. Human Makes Mistake, and being one I too make certain mistakes. but then we all learnt! from such mistakes that's why we are better person tomorrow! :)

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