Monday, December 1, 2014

1st December, The Beginning Of The End

Hi Blogger and Readers~!

It has been quite sometime since the last time I blogged and wowwww it's December already. Time sure flies huh

I was actually rushing my Internship report, "The Interim" so yeah It feels that it's not right to actually blog when I have not done it yet. soooo yea I'm DONE so hello blog~

A friend of mine posted in Instagram posted that December is the beginning of the end
I found it rather catchy so why not use it as my title XD

Anyway~ A lot has happened along the way, for the past 1 month plus, I think I will just highlight some of the events that occurred to me XD haha okay my typical #JustABoyLife story~ here goes!

20th Birthday Cake By Joy Lim
First of all is I finally hit my 20th, my age from now on officially hit the digit 2 and to be honest although it's already been more than a month I'm still not quite used to it. I still have that temptation of telling others that I am 19 when they ask for my age LOL.

But anyway really thankful to Joy, a junior of mine who was really really persistent to ask me down for my Taekwondo training, She was like "Yoga, if you don't come down for training I'll kill you" on my birthday she said that and I was like wow.. chill yo. haha 

Thanks joy, the cake is really really nice Love it and I don't mind to have more! XD make more~

Can't really exclude her out can I? haha she's the first person to actually wished me a Happy birthday this year. Meet ms. ranko the person who understood me the most, well most of the time XD

Technically, my mom is the first to wished me HAHA,she actually called me 2 hours before the actual day, well this girl haha she stayed at the mrt platform with me just to wait till is 12AM sharp, wish me and leave, of course gave the present as well! XD haha it's really sweet of you ranko~ thanks! Thanks for being there for the 4th year~ and continuing.

I also finally did my second blood donation,

Finally after more than a year of my first and previous donation. Well my constant going back and forth of Indonesia, made me have to wait for 4 months each time I go back soo it's quite annoying sometime when that day finally reaching then you have to go back again to square 1.

Basically that is what happened to me through out the time I was waiting.. When 4 months dues is finally arriving, I would be summoned back to Indonesia and BAM another 4 months to wait LOL.

But I'm glad I did this donation, which I called it as my #BirthdayDonation. I always wanted to do a donation on my birthday. Well back in my school, annually on my birthday, there is always a blood donation drive going on, and when I first found out, I told myself I should go for a blood donation on my birthday and of course I did go for the past 2 years however I was rejected for my 18th and 19th birthday because I needed to wait for the 4 months to due.

This year, I did it! :)

Well if you are blood donors as well, You rocks! if you're not~ Give it a go! be a hero and save life!
Don't scare of pain because trust me in this

It's not painful at all~  and the nurses there are really nice! haha plus after all these, proudly you can call yourself a HERO.

the Golden rule is that : 1 Packet of Blood from you can save 3 lifes.
So yeah! Go and be a hero! :)

NPTKD Bonding Camp 2014

My favorite photo of the camp
After that, my Taekwondo club had this bonding/training camp, well it was not so bad? haha well I won't go much into details about how the camp goes. It was quite fun, the breakfast was not very satisfying though as my least favorite food was served and it was yucky, 

and yea that jump shot photo is really nicely taken haha so I really really like it a lot, and also, what I like about this camp is this time I'm not in charge of this camp, I am purely just a camper of this camp, no authority and no responsibility, not bad I like that feeling,

My previous camps before this one I was either the logistic or the Group leader of a camp. In this camp being purely as a camper, I'm not really that used to it actually haha, feeling all clueless of what is going to happened annoyed me, maybe being one of the in charge is more suitable for me? 

Well if i'm in charge I'll ensure the food is better :X #NoCheese #CheeseSuck

Zhi Wei's 24th Birthday
And then there's this along the way! A good friend's birthday! Meet Zhiwei and Xinyi. my 2 awesome friend that are working along with me currently :)

We formed a team calling ourselves the Team XYZ LOL okay actually I'm the one who came out with that name, it was just so coincidental so why not?? XD 

We are working hard together and helping each other so nothing will hold us back from our goals~
Team XYZ FTW! 
#TeamXYZ #FTW #WeCanDoIt


And yeap it was on my mom's birthday when I had this competition of mine, 
I wrote a long essay in my Instagram POST regarding this, so for some of you who didn't read it perhaps you can check it out~ :P

Well the fight was great, however it certainly wasn't cool to find myself having a muscle strain for my left leg after the matches. LOL literally limp to work the next day. damnnnn.

Oh well I did anyway! haha that's good.

`y typical pose LOL
 I like to do this a lot~

 to promote my blog in SnapChat and apparently most of my friends in snap chat like to made fun of it when they see it or whatsoever HAHA 

They call it my #JustABoyLife pose. Not bad right? HAHAHA

Mr. Gurmit Singh and ME
Of course I must show off this hehe, I was able to meet Mr. Gurmit Singh. Thanks to the opportunity this work of mine(NOT INTERN) given me I was able to meet him and spoken some words too

He was hilarious, I swear. can't stop laughing at his jokes as he told us about his retirement from Mediacorps.

yeap, I actually get the privilege of  getting the first hand info haha yay~ Well anyway hope to meet him again soon! :)

I'm 76kg
I don't if any of you notice HAHA I slimmed down, Yeap! I'm 76kg currently. back in mid October I was 80kg and yea, I kinda went through some extreme diet along the way.

Well yea I had like 1 day one meal period, for a week during end of October and yea, literally slimmed down by 4kg, not bad ;) loving my sharp chin and good bye double chin!

I also upgraded my phone! Well can't just upgrade myself can I? meet my Samsung S4, I changed the casing plus tempered glass screen protector~ cost only $10 ;)

good deal good deal
Just wanna say that tall these are events I shared are just the good events, I didn't share some of the bad events that occurred because...

Actually the accumulation of bad events is MORE than the good ones, yea just remember the good ones and erase all the bad ones(If possible)

Just smile~

Hate to say this but things aren't really going very well haha but just stay strong~ then perhaps it will get better as time goes by. persist and work for the one thing I desire,

And anyway it's a new month today so yea, December perhaps you will be nice~ I certain hope you will because I will make sure you are~ let's walk on and hope for the best~ 

With that thanks for reading...


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  1. excuse me, at least say i was persistent because i wanted to surprise you with a cake please. xD