Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Santa

Since you’re the star of Christmas, hardly anyone that does not know you on this special day itself and everyone would hope for something from you, I guess I can say that those wishes were made to you?

Well Santa, I guess I will not make it to that list of “Good Children” of yours for that I never even had that slightest thought of you being exist, other than that, I doubt I’m much that nice to be in that list, but even so… I do wish that you are real… you are real… and grant me those wishes that I've made; I did however fulfilled some of them by myself, however not all?

Luck, should I say? As much as I really dislike using unexplained factors like “luck” as an excuse… Somehow I really feel that it plays a part, is it wrong to think that way? I feel that it’s wrong… it could be that I was not trying hard enough, however I do feel that I have pretty much doing my best. “When your best is simply not enough?”

So… Dear Santa, I wish for better luck~ Less careless, less foolish, less mistake.

Yea, I really wish that it could be granted, and also for this life to be easier to live in, as much as holding on to the impacts of all the bad occasions. I feel that I’m really on the verge of holding on already…

I need more good things to happen. Negative please go away.

Best Regards

Dear Santa will you?

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