Thursday, September 18, 2014

19th September, Intern's Life

Hi blogger and readers!! XD

It's really late now~ like 1AM in the morning. I AM SO TIRED~ but haha but then I have that "feel" so I'm gonna..

Hehe somehow I really enjoy Blogging, one of the few things that I really enjoy doing it :) and it felt great after making it XD
Sometime feels that 24 hours in a day is not enough for me haha.
"24 hours in day is not enough..."
 haha thought of this song I heard while working hear it! it's nice XD

Anyway, so in my second last post I mentioned that I'm going to have Internship soon.. Well it has started.. LOL, So far so good~ I guess haha, well read on

Member of Eyebag clan~
Looks quite bad but actually not really that bad.. I have seen worse from SOMEONE HAHA
Well there are pros and cons!! Haha one of the bad point would be I haven't really been having enough sleep~ but I'll survive! I just have to stay strong for a little bit more!

Life as an Intern, kinda gave me an idea of what is it like to be a "working adult" haha I love Friday EVEN MORE NOW~ it's only the second week of the internship but I have to say I always can't wait for Friday to COME! XD

But well it's not only about only waiting for Friday haha. Some good points would be~

Geeky shot

Behind : Lucas, Me, Tze Hsien, Samuel, Breton
Front : Yan Ni, Effy, Felicia

One of the good part would be to have people like them to enjoy my intern with hehe XD. Though we're not in the same company but we did promise to meet up once in awhile like this and have dinner together~ :) haha we will talk,share,bitch,complain,and laugh  together! Haha love such moment!

If you are having Internship too, do meet up with your classmates! It's really nice to spend time together once in a while XD

Shu hui & Grace

Not forgetting my bitches which I just met them earlier just now!
Nice catch up with each other!

GOOD LUCK TO GRACE TOO! haha hope your Internship is fine! :) and Shuhui have fun working also XD

Well Internship is tiring, but I do have a little bit more free time compare to back in school days! Why? because, I know everyday I'll practically be doing the same thing? -_-" well it suck~ and actually quite stressing..
This is practically me, almost everyday? haha facing the computer and sometimes feel kinda stress by it.. well basically everyday after my work, my eyes would feel like it's B-U-R-N-I-N-G

But I'm getting used to it! So let's just hope the upcoming days are better! :)

"Happiness comes in small packages"
 snacks that I bought during lunch break just now hehe, I saw it and I simply couldn't resist of not buying it XD

Left : Me and Amanda

Internship means work, works mean sit in front of computer = NO EXERCISE.

It really scares me if I gained too much weight during Internship :( If I have more time I think I should go back Taekwondo training more. 

And well just some pictures I took after training with these 2 juniors of mine XD

There's suppose to be a group photos which I don't have it I wonder who have it~? :o

AND that's the sum of my life as an Intern SO FAR~ Hope to share more with you guys hehe thanks for reading, hope to share more with you all! And enjoy your day! :) 

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