About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Satriyoga! :)
Firstly, WELCOME TO MY BLOG, I'm just the typical Asian boy that resides in Singapore and in here, this blog. (btw I am not local haha I'm foreigner!)

I would like to share with you guys~ my life! :) May not be that all interesting to some of you, but I do hope you enjoy reading it! XD
My hope for this blog is that, my readers who read it gain something from this blog, be it an advise, a motivation or ANYTHING! :P

 I do hope you enjoy your time here! :)
and Thank you for stopping by! - Satriyoga~ <3

Anyway just call me "Yoga" XD

Do check me out..? MAYBE? haha @

Facebook - Facebook.com/satriyoga
Twitter -  Twitter.com/satriyoga
Instagram - Instagram.com/satriyoga
Askfm - Ask.fm/satriyoga
YouTube - youtube.com/satriyoga

Just started my channel in youtube~! Do check it out! :)

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